Zoo Set 1

An edutainment game about learning alphabet and animals.
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Gain access to the learning screen with a zookeeper describing different animals according to their names organized in alphabetical order. Observe environments in some realistic imagery and backgrounds with custom art. The educational narration serves as the commentary throughout the process.

Welcome to Set 1 of the Zoo from
This zoo app is an amazing new way to explore animals for kids. With unique features, realistic animals and setting, engaging art, and high quality narration and music, this app will be a favorite for kids of all ages.
Features of the Zoo apps include:
Realistic animal exhibits - Photo realistic animals animated by professional animators in natural surroundings and true animals sounds.
Fun Animal Facts - Learn about the animals with illustrated facts read by the zoo guide.
Animal Quiz - Test your knowledge about each animals with the multiple choice quiz feature.
Also watch for fun audio easter eggs.
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