ABC MAGIC 3 Line Match

ABC MAGIC 3 Line Match 1.5

A spelling activity involving the first letter of various nouns.
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ABC MAGIC 3 - Line Match is a spelling activity involving the first letter of various nouns. There are two modes of play: matching object to object, and matching letter to object. In each the goal is roughly the same: to identify the first letter of the object displayed on the right-hand side and match it with the letter or noun starting with the same letter on the left-hand side.

Ambiguity in what to call the object (e.g. quartz vs. rock) is resolved by sound pronunciations of the letters and objects when they are clicked. These pronunciations sound like they've been gathered from a few different children, and although there are a few anomalies (e.g. "hen" sounds more like "huh") the enunciation is quite good.The images are attractive and usually pretty easy to identify.

There are a few glaring issues with this application, however, that demand to be resolved. One is the fact that, despite the app's title, no line appears between the points that appear between the left-hand object and the right-hand object. There's no feedback on the connection's correctness other than the dots turning green, a signal which seems a bit too subtle. And there's an implicit progression from top-to-bottom that prevents one from making matches with objects above the last matched one, just as if such a match were incorrect.

Sam's Protip: Doing this activity in the real world with everyday objects would probably be less frustrating than trying to use this app.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Variety of voices used for pronunciation key, all with fairly clear enunciation
  • Attractive images and sound game logic


  • No visible line between click points
  • At least one pronunciation sound is missing ("car")
  • Almost no feedback given on whether the answer is correct
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