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Abaltat Muse - Creating Video Soundtracks Just Got Easier!
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Abaltat Muse - Creating Video Soundtracks Just Got Easier!
From background music to full music scores, Muse is your one stop solution for creating soundtracks that are perfectly timed to your edited video. Whether you use iMovie or Final Cut Pro, and regardless of your musical knowledge, Muse provides you with simple and advanced tools to create your perfect score!
- Drag and drop QT file into Muse
- Press compose button
- Select a preset
- Select musical style, tempo, drum pattern, etc (optional)
- Press OK and a basic soundtrack is composed
- Add preferred instruments, change volumes, alter tone, and much more (optional)
- Export your soundtrack as video (QuickTime) or as audio (MIDI, AIFF, WAV)
- Import your MIDI file into GarageBand, Logic and Pro Tools (or any other MIDI sequencer)
- Utilize the editing power of GarageBand to add or delete notes and phrases, insert loops or even record your own musical instrument parts or add sound effects to your already composed Express original royalty free soundtrackCompose. Arrange. Export.
Abaltat Muse enables anyone, regardless of musical ability, to compose original, royalty-free soundtracks that are perfectly timed and aligned to your edited video. Its simple to use and offers a huge amount of flexibility in your soundtrack creation.
Compose... Abaltat Muse actually creates music based on analysis of your movie file. Just select a musical style, tempo and one of the composition methods and an original, royalty-free, five-part soundtrack is composed.
Arrange... Use keyframes on the timeline to customize your soundtrack. You can change tonality (major to minor, etc), transpose the pitch of the melodies up or down, pan from left to right, change volumes on individual tracks, or add in your preferred instruments.
Export... Export your composition as Aiff, Wav, Quicktime or in MIDI, either as individual tracks or as a mixed track. Soundtracks can be exported into all editing applications and audio applications that support the standard MIDI format including Apple's GarageBand or Logic and Digidesign's Pro Tools.

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