A Tack!

A Tack! 1.0

A Tack! is a game where you need to fill the biggest part of a sheet of paper.
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A Tack! is an action game where you will have to occupy the biggest part of a sheet of paper. 1:30 am is not a good time to start a lengthy homework assignment, particularly in your current state of exhaustion. But it's due tomorrow so you pull out a piece of paper and a few pencils and set to work.
Ten minutes later, the paper is still blank. Your mind is blank too. You'll start writing your first sentence just as soon as you can get your eyes to stay open... But what's this?! One of your pencils has jumped onto your paper and started doodling on it! "Hey! I was going to use that!" You fling a nearby push-pin tack at the pencil. Bulls-eye! But here come some more pencils...

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