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Updated 3 years ago
Opera - Alternative Web browser with server-side compression for slow connections.
Removed 3 years ago
KeePassX - This program helps you store your private info in one place.
Updated 3 years ago
CleanMyMac 3
CleanMyMac 3 - Clean, optimize, and maintain your Mac with CleanMyMac 3.
Sonos - Sonos (formerly Sonos Desktop Controller) allows you to control software for the Sonos Music System.
BOINCManager - BOINCManager provides a graphical interface for the BOINC Client.
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Removed 3 years ago
iDVD - iDVD can help you create your own DVD that can be viewed on most DVD players.
SketchBook Copic Edition
SketchBook Copic Edition - Experience the high quality markers and colors by Copic with Autodesk® SketchBook® Copic Edition.
VirusTotal Mac OS X Uploader
VirusTotal Mac OS X Uploader - This app allows you to scan files with over 50 antivirus solutions.
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