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Installed 4 years ago
TotalFinder - This app is a plugin for Finder that offers you various helpful features.
Zenmap - Track the network activity of a website based on the available hosts.
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel - Store, organize and process large quantities of data in spreadsheets.
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Removed 4 years ago
DocFetcher - DocFetcher is an open source desktop search application.
Updated 4 years ago
iFFmpeg - A powerful application that enables you to convert various media files.
OnyX - Multifunctional utility for Mac OS X.
Image2icon - It can make icons from any file or folder, not just images.
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Removed 4 years ago
Updated 4 years ago
ON1 Effects Free 10
ON1 Effects Free 10 - ON1 Effects Free 10 is a cool tool for adding style to your photos.
TinkerTool System
TinkerTool System - Enhance the performance of your system with just a few clicks.
Kext Utility
Kext Utility - Kext Utility is a program that repair all kexts permissions very fast.
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Removed 4 years ago
Installed 4 years ago
Mac Informer
Mac Informer - Easily update apps from App Store and other sources.