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Updated 3 years ago
Dropbox - Automatically back up your data to your Dropbox account.
MailButler - Your personal assistant for efficient and productive work with Apple Mail.
Slack - Stay in touch with your colleagues and monitor conversations.
Removed 3 years ago
GitKraken - GitKraken is the Git client designed to make you a more productive Git user.
Updated 3 years ago
BackupLoupe - BackupLoupe provides answers to such questions as: Why does Time Machine take so long to back up my files?
Safari - Safari 5 is a web browser made by Apple for the Mac.
Removed 3 years ago
Flux by Stereopsis
Flux by Stereopsis - Flux changes your screen to a more orange tone when the sun is down.
Updated 3 years ago
PDFpenPro - View, edit, convert, and print PDF documents on your Mac.
CleanMyMac 3
CleanMyMac 3 - Clean, optimize, and maintain your Mac with CleanMyMac 3.
Removed 3 years ago
Dash (Docs & Snippets)
Dash (Docs & Snippets) - Dash is an API Documentation Browser and Code Snippet Manager.