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Removed 2 years ago
Mac Informer
Mac Informer - Easily update apps from App Store and other sources.
Installed 2 years ago
Vivaldi - A hyper-customizable and does not track you.
Roccat - Roccat is a capable Internet browser for Mac computers.
Removed 2 years ago
iLok License Manager
iLok License Manager - The iLok License Manager application replaces the license and iLok management portion of the website.
Updated 2 years ago
Find Any File
Find Any File - Immediately locate files from your local folders and external storage devices.
Dropzone 3
Dropzone 3 - Dropzone 3 offers a new way to use drag and drop on your Mac.
SoundCloud Downloader
SoundCloud Downloader - Download your favorite music from the SoundCloud website.
Removed 2 years ago
Google Chrome
Google Chrome - Explore the web using Google's super-fast browser.
Carbon Copy Cloner
Carbon Copy Cloner - Carbon Copy Cloner backups are better than ordinary backups.
Flux by Stereopsis
Flux by Stereopsis - Flux changes your screen to a more orange tone when the sun is down.
Updated 2 years ago
Transmission - Fast, easy, and free multi-platform BitTorrent client.