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Installed 4 years ago
Mattermost - Mattermost is workplace messaging from behind your firewall.
Gimp - The primary download link for this listing is the native build.
CLion - Clionis a powerful IDE helps you develop in C and C++ on Linux...
Removed 4 years ago
Installed 4 years ago
Opera Mail
Opera Mail - Opera Mail is a lightweight customizable mail client.
PhpStorm - Lightweight and smart PHP IDE focused on developer productivity that deeply understands your code...
Removed 4 years ago
Skype - Send instant messages, share files, and hold video conferences.
GoToMeeting - Note: The price of this software is a monthly charge.
Installed 4 years ago
Plex - Use your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to browse and play your media (video, photos and music) using the Plex Media Server installed on your Mac.
Removed 4 years ago
Dropbox - Automatically back up your data to your Dropbox account.
Updated 4 years ago
Valentina Studio
Valentina Studio - Best free database manager for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Valentina DB, and SQLite.
Android Studio
Android Studio - Design, test and build apps for multiple types of Android devices.