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Removed 6 years ago
Steam - Steam is a popular app that gives you access to dozens of games.
LibreOffice - Office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, drawing tool) compatible with other major office suites.
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Updated 6 years ago
DropCopy - Immediately share files and folders to various destinations across your LAN.
DivX Converter
DivX Converter - DivX converter is a video file converter for the Mac.
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Removed 7 years ago
IP Scanner
IP Scanner - Identify active machines and Internet devices on the LAN.
Updated 7 years ago
Pricepirates - Compare prices from auctions directly from your desktop.
Safari - Safari 5 is a web browser made by Apple for the Mac.
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Removed 7 years ago
iBooks Author
iBooks Author - Create, export, and share your own textbooks on your Mac.
Updated 7 years ago
SpinOffice CRM
SpinOffice CRM - Manage your firm's relationships and interactions with clients.