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Installed 6 years ago
Adobe AIR
Adobe AIR - Cross-operating system runtime that allows Web application developers to use their existing Web development skills (HTML...
Disk Doctor
Disk Doctor - Disk Doctor will free up disk space by removing cached and unneeded files from your hard drive.
Super Video Enhancer
Super Video Enhancer - Convert between video formats and enhance image quality.
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Removed 6 years ago
Opera Developer
Opera Developer - Browse the web and try first the new features and implementations.
Opera - Alternative Web browser with server-side compression for slow connections.
Updated 6 years ago
Flixster Video
Flixster Video - Flixster Video helps you to download and stream movies and TV shows.
tinyBrain - tinyBrain is a brainstorming management application for Mac users.
Letterpress - A spelling game played against a human or computer opponent.
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