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Updated 5 years ago
Trade Interceptor
Trade Interceptor - TradeInterceptor is a training platform offering simulated Forex trading.
Removed 5 years ago
Mac ScanAndSweep
Mac ScanAndSweep - Mac ScanAndSweep is a handy tool for scanning and cleaning Mac from junk files.
Updated 5 years ago
EasyFind - Helps you find any file or folder you need within your Mac in just a few moments
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Removed 5 years ago
Deeper - Get immediate access to various hidden functions of default Mac tools.
Installed 5 years ago
NeoOffice - Complete office suite for OS X.
WavePad - Full-featured professional sound editor.
Tweak and Tuneup
Tweak and Tuneup - Cleans and optimizes your system as well as preserves your privacy.
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