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Installed 7 years ago
smcFanControl - Control the fans of every Intel Mac to make it run cooler.
NewsBar RSS reader
NewsBar RSS reader - Rock your Desktop with NewsBar, the fast-updating iCloud newsreader!
Ex-Libris - Library Database ✼ Create, manage, save...
Removed 7 years ago
Affinity Designer
Affinity Designer - Create, design, and share marketing materials and other elements.
Installed 7 years ago
Full Deck Solitaire
Full Deck Solitaire - Set of 22 different solitaire card games.
Wondershare Video Converter
Wondershare Video Converter - Need help with this product or want to tell us what you think of our products?
MDRP - Mac DVDRipper Pro is the professional tool to transfer your movies on your Mac.
Removed 7 years ago
Fracton - Fracton is a fractal application for Mac computers.
Geo Composer
Geo Composer - Geo Composer turns your device into an easy-to-use musical device.