Work Breaks

evasi0n 7
evasi0n 7 is an untethered jailbreak for all iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models running iOS 7.0 through 7.0...
...using evasi0n. If something breaks, you'll always be ...just enjoy a brief break from the computer to...
The Tiny Bang Story
Colibri Games
The Tiny Bang Story is set on the fictitious world of the Tiny Planet. When an asteroid hit the planet, its fragile world...
The Tiny Bang Story is set on the fictitious world of the Tiny Planet. When an asteroid hit the...
Document Writer
Xiongf Inc.
Document Writer is an easy-to-use word processor for Mac. Main features: - Advance word processor. - Simple interface...
...section, layout, and page breaks. - Table of contents.
SubtitleReSync Basic
Rob Ista
SubtitleReSync Basic is an app that allows you to resynchronize your separate...
...correct typos and line breaks.
PDF to Text Super
NamelySoft Inc.
PDF to Text Super provides you with an easy solution to convert PDF documents into plain text. Once the text content...
...you can skip such breaks and get a continuous text ...sum up, the program works fine and converts files...
Happy Popstar
Fleet 7
Happy Popstar is a fun puzzle game for Mac where your goal is to select and clear connected...
...and is perfect during breaks from work.
Post Haste
Digital Rebellion LLC
Post Haste allows you to simplify your creative workflows by organizing your assets before you start. Post Haste makes...
...naming convention. Use folder breaks to create a folder hierarchy...
Super Copy Paste
Super Copy Paste is a system utility that lets you edit what you copy to your clipboard. The application...
...let you remove line breaks, remove ">" characters ( ...code), replace line breaks with spaces, and...
Boreal Interactive
MenuBells is a program designed for Mac users who love hearing the sound of bells ringing at the top of the hour...
...it's time for a break from work. If you're like ...check the time (I take breaks every two hours and...
Standard Snake
Anyone who owned a Nokia phone back in the days must have played the famous Snake...
...in handy during short breaks from work. So, it's up...
Romanysoft LAB.
HtmlCompressor is a small application that allows you to compress HTML source files tool. This application allows you...
...you can remove line breaks and extra spaces. This...
OutWit Hub
OutWit Technologies
OutWit Hub explores the depths of the Web for you, automatically collecting...
...online sources. OutWit Hub breaks down Web pages into...
Tamás Gál.
ClipMorpher is a simple tool which can automatically perform different operations on your...
...uppercase/lowercase, remove line breaks or multiple spaces. It...
Alarm Clock Gadget Plus - Clock with Alarm and Calendar
Alarm Clock Gadget Plus is a large custom clock widget with a lot of features. Are you looking...
...for multiple calendars - Work and breaks schedule 
- Sunrise and sunset...
Smart Timer
Sergey Bolshedvorsky
This application is an excellent time management tool what adopts Pomodoro Technique...
...allows you to break your working time into ...short break Start working on new task after the break 6...
Alarm Clock Gadget Plus – Clock with Alarm and Calendar
Sergey Vdovenko
Alarm Clock Gadget+ is a large custom clock widget with a lot of features...
...Support for multiple calendars - Work and breaks schedule  
- Sunrise and...
Magic Petals
AdoreStudio Ltd.
Magic Petals is an exciting puzzle game developed for Mac by AdoreStudio where your objective...
...Petals is perfect during breaks from work when you wish...
Take A Break
Fabrice Leyne
If you are a heavy computer user who can spend hours in front of the screen without taking a break then...
...We should Take a Break once in a while ...last minute work, before the "Take a Break" mode is...
Reflective Layer
Be in charge of a single species and watch it grow and branch into various species as it evolves...
...that’s how real life works. Chrysalis-Dx is a causal ...you take those 5 min breaks. Check up on your...
All Things Done
Adolfo Vera Blasco
Improve your productivity using one of the most effective management method in personal or pair working...
...personal or pair working environments. The app ...aspects like time for breaks or tasks, notification...

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