Vidoo Attributes

Backup Checker
Super7UI, LLC
Backup Checker is a tool that reviews the files in the iOS simulator to let you know which files are set to be backed up...
for both styles of attributes - com.apple.MobileBackup
Rails Scaffolder's Toolbox
Rails Scaffolder's Toolbox is a native GUI for the Ruby on Rails scaffold generator. The application helps...
and-drop reordering of attributes. The program comes
shhh! is a small XTensions for QuarkXPress 6.x.x that allows you to change style sheets in...
tabs -- just change a paragraph's attributes, click a button and "Presto
Air Brawl Mac
free rating
Landfall Games
Air Brawl Mac is a fast-paced multiplayer action game that focuses on creative weapons...
weapons have many different attributes they can afflict
Punch! ViaCAD 2D/3D v9 + 3D Printing PowerPack LT
Evolution Software
Punch! ViaCAD 2D/3D v9 + 3D Printing PowerPack LT is a pack with 3D design and drafting...
tools for manipulating entity attributes
Reader Rabbit Preschool
Games 4 Kids
• Sorting by attributes • Recognizing colors...• Size • Multiple attributes Art and Creativity •
free rating Ironic Software
OpenMeta is an OS X Cocoa Objective - C technology that allows any application...
is stored in extended attributes (xattr)
Things and Stuff
rating Things and Stuff
Things and Stuff is a database application. In a Things and Stuff application...
on. Stuff are the attributes (or properties)
free rating Third Epic
DMGBuilder is a command line tool for building DMG files. These files are typically...
supports settings Finder display attributes including the window size
Image Sizer
free rating Creative Energies
Image Sizer is a simple image viewing program for Mac OS X. It shows the size of each image...
width, alt and border attributes filled in
rating Dinu Gherman
Podpourri provides a simple way to search songs on an attached iPod via regular expressions and copy...
be searched with various attributes, like...search comprises the title attribute, the PDF "
Card Collector Game Maker (Mac OS)
rating Battlarium
Card Collector Game Maker allows you to create your own card games. The cards' appearance...
The cards' appearance and attributes are customizable
GLUON iDropper
rating Gluon
Never has it been so effortless to add new colors to Quark's Color list or copy...
can also copy box attributes from one box...include: Ability to copy attributes to multiple boxes
Spec Cubed
rating Triple Triangle
Spec Cubed provides a simple, powerful way to visually analyze...
By analyzing over 150 attributes, ranging from leading
Einhugur Serialization Framework
rating Einhugur Software
The Einhugur Serialization Framework for Xojo is toserialise complex class structures with just 2...
classes. (You can add attributes to your class properties
Kodak Photo CD Import Filter for PageMaker
free rating Adobe Systems
The Kodak Photo CD import filter shipped with PageMaker 6.5 has been updated...
for specifying five different attributes of your print job
Beach Slam 2 Pro Beach Volleyball
rating 3Eplay.com
Beach Slam 2: Pro Beach Volleyball is a fast-paced 3D Beach Volleyball Simulation featuring...
has eight different skill attributes, which can be improved
NHL Eastside Hockey Manager
rating Sega
If you're a hockey fan, and have ever thought you could do a better job than the Coach or Manager...
personalities, plus physical attributes and mental attributes which all combine
Post-Time Horse Racing
rating Syntasoft
Gear up for the most exciting horse racing game ever. Think you can pick the winners? Post...
with unique characteristics and attributes
President Forever
rating 80soft.com
Run for president in 2004 with this presidential-election game. Crisscross the country doing...
candidates, complete with detailed attributes and skills for 2004