URL Collections

URL Manager Pro
Alco Blom Software
URL Manager Pro is a bookmark manager for Safari, Explorer, OmniWeb, Mozilla, Netscape, iCab, Camino...
...bookmarks are stored in URL Manager Pro bookmark ...different browsers while URL Manager Pro will...
Flixster Collections
Flixster Inc.
If you are looking fro a simple to use and intuitive application that will enable you to easily create...
...video collections. The Flixster Collections application ...the Flixster Collections interface resembles...
Dante Palacios
Collections lets you imagine all of your collections into a single application, a realistic representation...
...all of your collections into a single application ...single virtual library, Collections. Adding items...
URL Shortener
Ashley Chapman
URL Shortener is an application that gives you the possibility to quickly and easily create a bit.ly link from a URL...
URL Shortener is an ...a bit.ly link from a URL to share to the ...and expand it to a URL to share to the...
Collections Express
Dante Palacios
Collections Express allows you to create an inventory of your music, movies...
Collections Express allows you to...
URL Union
Herb Bowie
URL Union is a desktop software program for storing URLs. URL Union application imports and exports...
...program for storing URLs. URL Union application import ...and exports URLs in a variety...
Url Extractor X
Tension Software
URL Extractor is an app to extract and collect emails and urls in an automatic unattended...
...extract and collect emails and urls in an ...web extraction, URL Extractor will collect data relative...
Install Flixster Collections
David Kopec
URL Box is the glue between your URLs and your Web browser. It is a convenient way to temporarily...
...Just drag a URL into URL Box and floating window ...to launch the URL directly. URL Box will even...
Irssi Url Tracker
This script will allow you to track and view URLs posted in various channels...
...Nick Tracking. /url list nick (example: /url list NO_PULSE) ...Will return all URLs posted by that nick...

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