Time Quotes

Time Zone Icon
Andreas Laub
Time Zone Icon is an application that helps you to be aware of the time around...
...menubar is the time and the time zone. If ...application will calculate the time difference and tell...
Time Out
Dejal Systems, LLC
Time Out is a must-have tool for people who often forget to take breaks from their work...
...keyboard activity. By default, Time Out can detect mouse ...to you. Overall, Time Out provides you with...
Caato Time Tracker
Caato Time Tracker is a simple application that lets you track the time spent on a specific...
...can have multiple time entries, which appear ...task. The time entries track the time period between...
Time Track Pro - Document and web activity
Bloop S.R.L.
Time Track Pro is an application which measures in detail the time spent on your...
...recorded data with Time Track, block specific ...and outline inactive time by selective monitoring...
Back-In-Time allows users to transcend Time Machine restoration possibilities. Back...
...In-Time allows users to transcend Time Machine ...the same time. - Handle multiple Time Machine disks...
Stone Hill Time Card
Bob Warwick
Stone Hill Time Card is a program that comes in handy to freelancers as well as project managers...
...helps users share the time information with their ...can manage your projects' time cards, check which...
Photo Time Edit
Tranquillity Base
Photo Time Edit can help you change a photo’s date and time. In this respect...
...In general, Photo Time Edit can change a ...photograph’s original date and time stamp. Fortunately, it...
Time Palette
Xeric Design, Ltd.
Time Palette is more than a clock utility. Besides displaying the current...
...displaying the current time for locations from ...calls across multiple time zones. The application...
Time Clock
Paul Young
Time Clock was developed to help the user keep track of time spent on a project and remind the user...
...reminded again and this time is also settable ...log and running time are saved between sessions...
Tunes Time Counter
We find ourselves listening to music on a regular basis. If you have ever been curious...
...better description of the time spent listening to ...total time and total listened time values...
UTC and Local Time
Midwest Computer Solutions
UTC and Local Time is a simple status bar app that shows UTC time and your local...
UTC and Local Time is a simple status bar ...that shows UTC time and your local time based on...
Time Tracker Pro (Limited)
Snappy Pixel LLC
★ Freelancers and independent contractors rejoice -- time tracking is no longer...
...rejoice -- time tracking is no longer ...com/watch?v=dBQdX3ds6Bc Time Tracker Pro automatically...
Second Time
Pilots with a Mac
Second Time is an extra clock or “Second” clock for your Status Bar. Second Time shows the time in any Time Zone...
...Second Time shows the time in any Time Zone in ...who travels over many time zones and needs another...
Motiv Time Tracker
Motiv App LLC
Motiv Time Tracker is an all-in-one business management app for creative freelancers...
...is a lightweight time tracking application that integrate ...saving. This time-tracking tool stays...
Time Tagger
Matterform Media
Time Tagger's revolutionary new tag-based interface makes time-tracking simpler and more elegant than it's...
...your time for invoicing or productivity, Time Tagger ...metaphor. The main Time Tagger window features a...
Time Master Central
On-Core Software LLC
Time Master Central is Backup & Restore application for On-Core Time Master that simplifies...
...On-Core Time Master - the ultimate time tracking app ...month? On-Core Time Master simplifies the...
Time Splitter Audio
Coracle Limted
Originally developed for the UK's leading forensic laboratory, Time Splitter Audio allows an audio file to be rapidly...
...leading forensic laboratory, Time Splitter Audio allow ...and includes custom time split definition...
The Time Machine - Trapped in time
Travel in various times, in extraordinary places, to find all the pieces...
...order in the space-time! Devastated, Professor ...SETS: Travel in time and space! Discover amazingly...
Time Doctor for Mac OS X
Time Doctor Software
Time management software for Mac OS X with real time tracking of tasks...
...and companies for time management and improving ...are accurate * Daily time management tips * Recording...
World Time Map (Mac)
SpiritWorks Software
WWorld Time Map is a world time zone converter and map shows you the time difference...
...shows you the time difference between international ...you international time zones, the time in that...

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