System Sleep

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William Gustafson
Amphetamine is a simple Mac application designed to help you prevent your computer from going to sleep mode...
defined in the System Preferences panel...from going to sleep mode, displays notifications
Boot Time
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Kanso Soft
boot/login/sleep/wakeuBoot Time is a little application that can show you the last boot/login/sleep/wakeu time...
automatically captures last system sleep time, displays...when preventing system sleeping
Should I Sleep
Marcelo Leite
Annoyed by the display getting dim when you're reading or watching something? Installed an app...
other sleep prevention app (such as Caffeine), open System Preferences
Sleep Pillow
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Clear Sky Apps
Sleep Pillow is a program for Mac users who work in a loud environment or need a sleep enhancement at home. This application...
environment or need a sleep enhancement at home...without modifying the system volume
Sleep Display
Line Street Widgetry
Sleep Display, when run, immediately sleeps just your display so that you can continue running your...
run, immediately sleeps just your display...your monitor will not sleep
Sleep Eject
Chris Vallis
Just close the lid on your MacBook and go! Automatically and safely unmount all...
disks before the system goes to sleep and optionally
Sleep No More
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Konstantin Pavlikhin
Sleep No More is a tiny menu bar application, that allows you to prevent your Mac...
computer sleep, display sleep...both of them simultaneously. Automatic launch at system
Don't Sleep!
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Don't Sleep! is a program designed to help you prevent your Mac PC from going to sleep mode. The application...
require any system administrator experience...Sleep mode options from System Preferences. Don't Sleep
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EZSwitch is a tiny and simple application that can be used as a power switch for your...
Besides shutting down your system, EZSwitch can
Never Sleep
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Liang Zhenjing
NeverSleep is a fancy app that puts an icon in the right side of your menu bar. Click it to prevent your Mac...
from automatically going to sleep, dimming the screen...stop the system from going to sleep
Sleep Control Center
free rating
Sleep Control Center is a menu bar utility that allows you to easily control...
control the sleep mode of your system. It gathers...control your system in terms of display, sleep
Sleep Expert
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Alexander Yolkin
Sleep Expert is a sleep management application for your Mac. Sleep Expert helps you put your Mac computer to sleep...
display or entire system from entering sleep on your request
Power Scheduler
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Amit Markel
Power Scheduler is a simple application that sets a timer to put your Mac into sleep mode. The utility installs...
put your Mac into sleep mode...required. The system will go to sleep
Serge Sander
MacOS Application to add the ability to trigger Sound Effects like you know from Trash Empty...
down Audio Hardware before System sleep Application launch / quits
Preventing Sleep
Preventing Sleep is a display and system sleep prevention application. When power saving needs to be started...
Preventing Sleep is a display and system sleep prevention application. When power
free rating
Alexander Yolkin
BabySleep is a simple utility that puts iMac to sleep and turns Wi-Fi off simultaneously. The application installs...
that puts iMac to sleep and turns Wi-Fi...yet to cease the system's activity
System Manager
Exact REAL
System Manager is a simple app that allows you to control your computer. System Manager functions...
to control your computer. System Manager functions...on time. Sleep your computer
free rating
Steffen Itterheim
iCanSleep is a handy application that prevents your computer from going to sleep. The tool allows you...
time periods for your system's sleep. In addition ...will send your system to sleep
Sonnet Tempo SATA
free rating Sonnet Technologies
Description: This software updates 4-port and 8-port Tempo SATA host controller cards' flash...
on occasional system crash upon system sleep or wake...issue that caused System Profiler to display
Apple Sleep Memory Extension
free rating Apple
All iBook and PowerBook (FireWire) users should install the Sleep Memory Extension...
Sleep Memory Extension. Apple has identified a bug in its system...the following Sleep Memory Extension