Synth Sounds

Collider is an audiovisual experience using the LEAP Motion...
...visuals and dynamic sounds. Collider is a ...your face with synth sounds and generative visual...
NLogPoly Synth
tempo rubato
50% of regular price for a short time. Get it now! ::: Professional Virtual Analogue...
...used. A PROFESSIONAL GRADE SYNTH - 224 FACTORY SOUNDS  - including fresh new...
Sonik Synth 2
IK Multimedia
Sonik Synth 2 is a synth workstation. Over 5,800 sounds and 8 GB make up ta large collection of modern and vintage...
Sonik Synth 2 is a synth workstation. Over 5,800 sounds and ...a workstation sound set of important...
Noatikl 2 - Generative Music Lab
Intermorphic Ltd.
Noatikl 2 Desktop Standalone is the popular creative tool for authoring totally...
.../ modular synth for Noatikl sounds / FX: ...customise Partikl synth sounds & FX (synth, cell, track...
Mixtikl 5
Intermorphic Ltd
Get creative with Mixtikl 5, a powerful & popular generative music / audio loop...
...to create / customise the synth sounds & FX (synth, cell, track, global...
DJ Loop Synth Keyboard Plus
Academ Media Labs, LLC
DJ Loop Synth Keyboard Plus offers a virtual music creation studio. The application works...
DJ Loop Synth Keyboard Plus offers a virtual ...make you achieve exquisite sounds. All you need is...
AX-Synth Editor
Roland Corporation
This is an application that lets you edit AX-Synth's parameters of your Mac...
...you edit AX-Synth's parameters of your ..." The AX-Synth features a sound generating engine that...
Crossfade Loop Synth
Expert Sleepers
Crossfade Loop Synth is a simple sample playback synth plug-in that plays samples...
...Loop Synth is a simple sample playback synth plug ...(pendulum-style).Further sound processing can be...
Real-Time Granular Synth 3
Real-Time Granular Synthesizer 3 lets you create wild new sounds and music using a powerful sound...
...new sounds and music using a powerful sound ...create fascinating new sounds by reconstructing...
Retro Synth Keys
Music Paradise
Retro Synth Keys is an old school musical instrument for your device which is perfect for everyone who likes 80’s music...
Retro Synth Key ...’s music. Specific sound and key design ...provides atmospheric sounds of high quality...
Mindflood Ltd.
Patchblocks helps you build your own synthesizer. With the Patchblock editor you can develop your own sound...
...can develop your own sound, either by editing ...can play sequences of synth-sounds, drums, or just...
DCAM: Synth Squad
FXpansion Audio UK Ltd
It finally delivers the satisfaction of playing real analogue instruments...
...delicious instability. These synths don't break ...Fusor, a versatile sound-design environment that can...
Scanned Synth Pro
Humanoid Sound Systems
It is designed to create rich complex digital tones and fantastic sound effects.
...sound effects, while using simplifed controls and traditional synths ...a unique sound that is...
Mopis is a high-quality software synthesizer that combines traditional subtractive...
...the same sounds that analog synths have used ...get your favorite analog synth sounds out of Mopis...
Crossfade Loop Synth AU
Expert Sleepers
This is a simple AU instrument - it loads a sample from disk and plays it back in the classic sampler way i.e...
...produce smoothly looping pad sounds from pretty much any...