Bare Bones Software, Inc.
BBEdit is intended for editing text. In this regard, the tool is specifically...
and replace specific text strings, with support for searching
Home-database created in order to have always and easily at disposal personal...
’s data, Credit Cards, login-strings and passwords
Home-database created in order to have always and easily at disposal personal and family/institution...
data, Credit Cards, login-strings and passwords
AlbumExtractor X
free rating
Alessandro Ranellucci
AlbumExtractor X is a free application that allows you to split AlbumWrap MP3 files...
name contains the ALBW strings and which contain multiple
Web Jumper
free rating
T.J. Mahaffey
Web Jumper main search window is made up of a text field in which to enter search strings (words)...
which to enter search strings (words), a popup
Cocoa OpenGL
free rating
Apple Inc.
If you are new to OpenGL, OpenGL on Mac OS X or ready to move up from GLUT, this sample will show you how to create...
is a texture class for strings, showing...an NSImage to write a string into and then texture
Dumadu Games Pvt Ltd
Untangle is a challenging, tactical game with a unique strategy of its own...
in the labyrinths of strings and dots
Plucked String
rating Synapse Audio Software
The Plucked String is a physical modelling string instrument.
The Plucked String is a physical modelling string
iChat State
free rating Edouard Yreux
iChat State in an application to customize your ichat's status message as you...
"main window" file menu. Strings
rating Woodland Company
KeyTools is a set of 8 functions used to manipulate the contents of input text strings...
contents of input text strings to produce keys
Acme Script Widgets
rating Acme Technologies
Extends the AppleScript language with important tools for manipulating text and lists. Commands include: Sort, search/replace...
Sort command which caused strings to be lowercased Fixed
PitchPerfect Free Guitar Tuner
free rating NCH Software
PitchPerfect is a highly accurate professional guitar tuner with a very simple to use interface...
can simply tune your strings quickly
Acoustic Legends HD
rating Vir2 Instruments
Presenting $40,000 of the finest acoustic guitars, sampled in glorious high definition 24...
several different steel string guitars, nylon strings, twelve strings, acoustic
DirectBass free
free rating Pettinhouse
DirectBass free is a reduced articulation of the "BIG BROTHER" DirectBass sample...
it has these features: 5 strings Direct recorded for using
Link Tweaker
free rating PowerSurge Publishing
Link Tweaker is a modest little application that adjusts URLs (aka hyperlinks...
URLs into more readable strings. It can...insert a user-defined redirection string
3D Falling Autumn Leaves OS 8 and 9
rating Unique 3D Screensavers
Watch as colorful 3D, animated, autumn-colored leaves gently fall against a backdrop of a huge...
The music is soothing, strings in the classical
CodeBurst for WebSiphon
free rating Dantowitz Consulting & Research
This is a drag and drop library for Purity Software's WebSiphon, enabling strong encryption (Blowfish in ECB...
modes) of database records, strings, cookies...returned as a BASE64 encoded string
Rename Now Standard
rating MarkMarkSoft
Rename Now for Mac is designed to rename batch files and folders in your way...
your time. Replace strings...Insert any strings
The Unseen Fears - Body Thief Collector's Edition
rating GrandMA Studios
The Unseen Fears: Body Thief Collector's Edition is a bone-chilling hidden-object adventure game...
in to help investigate a string of recent murders