Frozen Synapse
Frozen Synapse is a great turn-based strategy game. In this game, you control a squad of soldiers...
...control a squad of soldiers who have to complete ...squad consists of multiple soldiers who are armed...
Battles of 1944
Navigation-Info Kft.
Battles of 1944 is a tower defense game set in the midst of World War II...
...an array of upgradeable soldiers, artillery, and ...For instance, a soldier structure is far better...
Swords and Soldiers HD
Ronimo Games
Features: -Strategic fun on the go! -Command Aztecs, Vikings and Chinese in 30 missions! -Endlessly challenging singleplayer...
The funniest action-strategy game you’ll ever play! Swipe, poke and tap to command an army of...
Stronghold Crusader HD
Firefly Studios
Stronghold Crusader HD is a strategy game for Mac. Main features: - Join the Crusaders...
...the Assassin and Mercenary Soldiers. - Experience classic Stronghold ...off your attacking soldiers.
Fubar - The Game
Virtu Halttunen
Fubar - The Game is a top-down, turn-based adventure game. You guide a team of hardcore...
...guide a team of hardcore soldiers on missions to rid...
Ballistic Overkill
Aquiris Game Studio
Ballistic Overkill is a fast-paced PvP shooter. The application has no complicated setups or rules...
...of highly skilled mercenary soldiers. In Ballistic, everyone is...
Z Steel Soldiers
The Bitmap Brothers
Z Steel Soldiers is a strategy war game with no ordinary battle and no ordinary troops...
Z Steel Soldiers is a strategy war game ...control of your Steel Soldiers unit, you can take...
Crossbow Warrior
MobyDick Games
Crossbow Warrior has 29 exciting levels with 4 different game types...
...his hordes of foot soldiers, the Reeves.
Infested Planet
Rocket Bear Games
Infested Planet is a real-time tactical combat in which you command a team of 5 elite...
...a team of 5 elite soldiers against an alien horde ...around you. Your soldiers are being flanked and...
Bunker Run
Robin Landsbert
Bunker Run is a nice war game in which you will command a helicopter and your job is to destroy your enemy base...
...to move your soldiers to strategic place ...arsenal, how many soldiers you have deployed...
Castle Defense
Defend your castle from enemy soldiers. Create & place strategically your...
...your castle from enemy soldiers. Create & place strategically ...the gold from defeated soldiers, and use the...
Plastic Wars
Plastic Wars is an adventure shooter game for Mac OS. The main objective of the game is to manage...
...to manage a squad of soldiers to the victory. Play ...to control all your soldiers one by one.
Juho Ruohola
Soldiers is a freeware action game for Power Macintosh. In the game you...
Soldiers is a freeware action game...
Soldiers of Empires
IgorLab Software
Soldiers of Empires. High-detalized turn-based wargame. 1941, East Front. Stalin or Hitler? USSR...
...Kremlin? Or Russian soldiers, drinking vodka on ...Your talent only. "Soldiers of Empires" game engine...