Snooze Time

Boot Time
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Kanso Soft
boot/login/sleep/wakeuBoot Time is a little application that can show you the last boot/login/sleep/wakeu...
sleep/wakeup time. At the same time ...last system sleep time, displays time elapsed since
UTC and Local Time
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Midwest Computer Solutions
UTC and Local Time is a simple status bar app...
UTC and Local Time is a simple...that shows UTC time and your local time
Second Time
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Pilots with a Mac
Second Time is an extra clock or “Second” clock for your Status Bar. Second Time shows the time in any Time Zone...
Second Time shows the time in any Time Zone...who travels over many time zones
Motiv Time Tracker
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Motiv App LLC
Motiv Time Tracker is an all-in-one business management app...
is a lightweight time tracking application that integrates...saving. This time-tracking
Work Time Monitor - Easy Tray Timer
New Technologies
Work Time Monitor - Easy Tray Timer is a program that comes in handy to people...
program isn't the best time counting tool...better solutions for counting time on your Mac
Time Tagger
Matterform Media
Time Tagger's revolutionary new tag-based interface makes time-tracking simpler and more elegant than it's...
your time for invoicing or productivity, Time Tagger...metaphor. The main Time Tagger
Time Master Central
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On-Core Software LLC
Time Master Central is Backup & Restore application for On-Core Time Master that simplifies...
On-Core Time Master - the ultimate time tracking app...month? On-Core Time Master simplifies
The Time Machine - Trapped in time
Travel in various times, in extraordinary places, to find all the pieces...
order in the space-time! Devastated, Professor...SETS: Travel in time and space! Discover amazingly
Our time
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Miquel Gargallo
Our time is a simple and easy to use application...
Our time is a simple...time difference between a period of time. You can calculate the time
City Time
Show you the time of any location all over the world on Mac OS X. Main features...
Main features: - Display local time for almost any city...the world. City Time can even display
Time Sheet Manager
DesignSoft Company
Software to easily manage department or employee time sheets. You also can filter time reports apart...
manage department or employee time sheets...apart from the master time sheet file allowing
World Time In Words
World Time In Words is a menubar clock and time conversion app that tells you the time and date in plain English...
involve reading out the time from a clock? Perhaps...menu to see the time converted clearly
Time In Words Screen Saver
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Like Time In Words for iOS and World Time In Words for Mac, it displays the time and date in plain...
your local time & date or any available time zone...Then double-click the "Time In Words Screen
My Malaysia Solat Time
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Koder Alburuj
My Malaysia Solat Time is a standardize solat time application for Malaysia by using...
Solat Time is a standardize solat time application...using directly solat time from e-solat
Done Time
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Kaan Aykac
Done Time takes the work out of creating a to-do list and minimizes procrastination...
instead of wasting time creating the perfect...you can actually spend time on getting things
Time Check Pro
Paul Young
Time Check Pro (formerly Time Clock Pro) is a utility to help users keep track of time spent on multiple projects...
display. Start Times and Stop Times...Settings, project running times and project logs
Super Time Force Ultra
Capybara Games
Super Time Force Ultra is an action-packed platformer with a time-traveling twist...
packed platformer with a time-traveling twist. You’...battle across 6 different time periods
Lost In Time - The Clockwork Tower
Spark Plug Games - Namco Games
The Clockwork Tower will take Eliza on a fantastic journey through time and space...
Clockwork Tower disrupted, time itself has ground...unlock the sophisticated time-travel device's
Natural Date and Time
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Darko Sancanin
Natural Date and Time is a natural language date and time zone...
language date and time zone converter which...the current time and daylight saving time
CHV Time-collection
rating chv-electronics
The Time-collection V4.1 contains of a set of new plugins for Final Cut Pro and a set of completely keyframeable plugins...
"long exposure time" effect...Time Shadow 4.0: Create shadows from nearby time periods Time