Serial Numbers

Outer Level Corp.
LicenseKeeper is an application designed to manage and safeguard your software license keys...
...This includes serial numbers, license file ...version, and serial number values. Additionally...
Spelling Alphabet
Tunabelly Software
Spelling Alphabet is a program for Mac that helps you translate difficult...
...code or an app's serial number over the phone. The ...having to recite serial numbers or postal codes.
PassDirector is an encrypted, password-protected database for important personal data...
...accounts web passwords serial numbers hardware password ...passwords phone numbers any other...
Nosedive Software
iLicense allows you to organize all of your software license agreements and serial numbers into one database so you'll...
...license agreements and serial numbers into one ...license agreements and serial numbers has never been...
Manfred Schwind
LittleSecrets is a useful program running on Mac OS X for storing secrets. You can entrust notes of any kind to LittleSecrets...
...e. g. storing passwords, account numbers, provider data, serial numbers, project ideas, URLs...
Easy Numbering
Gerry Beggs
Easy Numbering is a user-friendly way for printers (the people, not the peripherals)...
...automatically number forms, and print serial numbers on ...: Position your numbers visually (WYSIWYG)...
Battery Report
Dragon Systems Software Ltd (DssW)
Battery Report creates detailed reports about your computer and any connected power...
...power adapter's unique serial numbers, and the health ...devices connected by a serial cable, USB cable...
Matriosity is a serial matrix creation tool. It allows users to enter in a prime row, either as numbers (1...
...). It then generates a serial matrix, displaying the data ...users’ preference as numbers or letter...
Unique Code Generator
David Alexander
Unique Code Generator offers an easy and secure way to generate millions of unique codes on your Mac...
...promotions, loyalty schemes, product serial numbers, tickets, lotteries, PIN codes...
Personal Serial Database X
Dorsey Graphics
Personal Serial Database is a small utility which allows you to save all of your serial numbers...
Personal Serial Database is a small ...save all of your serial numbers, passwords, URLs, network...
Serial Number Organizer
pretty cool solutions
Serial Number Organizer does just that- organizes your serial numbers by software title...
...the Serial Number Organizer is a bound single-user runtime. Serial Number Organizer...
From the developer: ""TOOL TO MANAGE YOUR NOTES. Great utility to manage texts, notes, passwords, serial numbers? Very cool...
...notes, passwords, serial numbers? Very cool ...texts, passwords, serial numbers, to do lists...
AudioFetch Doghouse
AudioFetch, LLC.
AudioFetch Doghouse helps system implementers in setting up their AudioFetch network. AudioFetch is the consumer app which...
...the IP addresses and serial numbers of the AudioFetch ...to have the serial number copied to their...