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Pilotmoon Software
PopClip is a capable clipboard utility that helps you copy and paste text content with ease on your Mac...
...monitoring, and select the preferred spelling ...text content on your Mac. Every time you select...
Pinger Desktop: Text Free with Unlimited SMS From Your Computer
Pinger gives your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch free unlimited text messaging and free calling...
...iPod touch free unlimited text messaging and free calling...
The Liquid Information Company Limited
With Liquid, you flow through your work effortlessly and quickly by doing the things you need to do every way...
...connected state, you flow. Select text, type Cmd-Shift-2, and...
Liquid Pro
The Liquid Information Company Limited
Fly through OS X at warp speed. This is what people are saying about Liquid OS X...
...up transferring text between app ...select text, and Liquid appears instantly with your selected text...
Speak it! Text to Speech
Future Apps Inc.
Speak it! 1.1 now takes advantage of Mac OS Services, which allow you to use our amazing text to speech...
...other applications! Simply select the text you wish spoken, right...
PDF to Text Converter
Amacsoft Studio
PDF to Text Converter can freely convert PDF to Text and does not require...
...Independent Running PDF to Text Converter works as a ...PDF to Text. PDF to Text Converter is...
Dejal Systems LLC
BlogAssist is a handy tool to help weblog and website editing by making HTML markup easier...
...to use: just select some text and hit Cmd- to ...two values. Copy a URL, select text to use as the...
Plain Text Editor
AlphaOmega Software
Plain Text Editor helps you edit plain text files. You miss a text editor able to open, edit and save plain text files?...
...text, even with regular expressions. You can select ...editor. You can select the default foreground...
Tension Software
DB-Text is a general use tool to open and edit data in text format on OS X...
...text (as CSV, TSV, HTML, or custom format selecting ...semicolon) data of selected rows in the clipboard...
PDF-to-Text-Free is a straightforward application designed to extract text content...
...designed to extract text content from PDF ...the inability to convert selected pages, a feature that...
Text Wielder
Tinnef Software
Text Wielder is a native Mac OS X program that will let you do things such as search for text...
...allow you to select text in any service ...like Text Wielder, for processing. Text Wielder knows...
Folder Text Labeler
NiteOwl Software
Folder Text Labeler is a Shareware icon utility tool that can be used to composite text on top of Mac OS X...
...icon and foreground text rotational sliders. Added "Select Bg Icon...
Webapp Translate
Fabrice Leyne
Webapp Translate is a highly crafted web wrapper app for Google Translate...
...It lets you select some text in any application ...to translate the selected text. The application can...
Print Text Messages
Create Solutions
Print Text Messages is useful if you need to print SMS messages for court...
...select them from the contact list and email the text ...agency. Print Text Messages allows you...
CK's Text-to-Speech to MP3
Charles Kelly
Clipboard to AAC File (New: 09-09-09) Select text in any application, copy it, then run this program to convert it to an AAC...
...09-09-09) Select text in any application, copy ...Clipboard to MP3 File Select text in any application...

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