Rolls Dice

Maxi Dice
Kristanix Games
Enjoy two spectacular versions of the old family favorite, Yahtzee! In Maxi Dice you can enjoy both normal Yahtzee...
favorite, Yahtzee! In Maxi Dice you can enjoy...Yatzy, a game with six dice and more categories
Frank Meyer
Realistic-looking dice in 3D! With this app you will always have the right dice at your fingertips for the next game night...
The dice fall or roll realistically thanks...red button to roll the dice. Alternatively
Magic Dice
Magic Dice is a 5 of a kind game for 1 of a kind fun! It is based on a popular dice game which consists of thirteen rounds...
based on a popular dice game which consists...is the winner. Magic Dice is a shareware application
Ludo Supremo
free rating
Ludo Supremo is an entertaining board game developed for Mac. This app was designed...
squares indicated by the dice roll. All in all
Five Dice
free rating
Novel Games Limited
Five Dice is a captivating game application involving chance. Your goal is to combine 5...
the process until 5 dice are selected...When a column of dice is removed, the remaining
Hero Helper X
free rating
TriMira Productions
Hero Helper is a godsend for GM who runs any Hero Game's role-playing game. It lets you keep track of phases...
keep track of phases, rolls dice, organizes files
Dice Pass
Dice Pass generates random passphrases...
a phrase is to roll 5 dice for each...passphrase or set the dice rolls manually for maximum
Ya! Dice
free rating
Novel Games
Try your luck and say "Ya"! The object of this game is to assign the rolled patterns of 5...
combination. Click the "Roll the Dice"...the button to roll the dice again, then continue
Dolphins Dice Slots for Mac
With three different free games features and the crabby Crab Jackpot...
her mighty tentacles. Roll the dice...allows you to roll a dice to increase
Maxi Dice Gold
Kristanix Games
In Maxi Dice, you can play both normal Yatzy, and the more strategic Maxi Yatzy, a game with six...
In Maxi Dice, you can play...Yatzy, a game with six dice and more categories
Dice Roll Pro
Lorenzo Biffoli
This application allows making random rolls with d4, d6, d8, d10, d12...
application allows making random rolls with d4, d6, d8...Playing Games that use dice to play. You can
Toss The Dice
free rating Josh
Vista Gadget that will add to your desktop or sidebar a simple...
sidebar a simple dice toss utility. Toss The Dice is a gadget...let you toss a dice on your desktop
Simplistic Dice
free rating Xoedusk.Software
All dice simulators for Mac OS X seem to be widgets. Simplistic Dice fixes that problem by creating...
full-fledged dice application for Mac. Simplistic Dice...between one or two dice, and then roll
Rock n Roll RPG Dice Roller
free rating Mad Ogre Games
Rolling dice has never been more visually appealing and fun! Rock'n'Roll is, without a doubt, the most stunning...
Rolling dice
Hero Helper
rating TriMira Publications
FREE update for owners of Version 2.0 or higher. Hero Helper is designed for GM's running...
keeps track of Phases, Rolls Dice, Organizes Files ...you. Dice Roller: Roll up to 99 dice 99