Revised Articles

World Book
World Book is a multimedia encyclopedia that will tell you about wonders of our world...
...4,000 new and expanded articles from Michael Bloomberg to...
By Command Guru srl
Description Made by Command Guru Labs.Headline is a minimalistic Feed RSS Reader...
...and articles. Headline can easily share articles over ...to manually send article links to friends;...
Synium Software GmbH
WikiBuddy is a great application for anyone who uses Wikipedia frequently. It sits on the menubar...
...of displaying Wikipedia articles. I like the ...about a different Wikipedia article, the app will open...
DEVONsphere Express
DEVONtechnologies, LLC
DEVONsphere Express makes your Mac smarter. Be more productive by letting...
...track of related emails, articles on the same subject...
FeedWizard is a three-paned RSS reader which just provides the basics...
...feeds, a list of articles for the selected feed ...feed updates and old article deletions can be...
RSS Menu
e dot studios
RSS Menu is a systemwide menu that allows you to read and organize your favourite RSS or Atom feeds...
...Atom feeds. The articles are automatically updated ...notification when new articles are available or...
FlipFeed is the automatic and programable application which...
...a title and summary of articles. You can customize setting...
Michael Göbel
myWeblog The weblog editor for people with style! myWeblog is an easy-to...
...your unpublished articles. Beside the ...; templates for recurring articles - - ï¿...
Mekentosj B.V. Gerberastraat
Search article repositories and download articles without leaving Papers. TargetScanner is an easy-to...
Search article repositories and download articles without leaving Papers. TargetScanner...
GREatest Quant Prep
GREatest Prep
GREatest Quant Prep is designed to simulate the New GRE test format. Main features...
...tests for New GRE revised General Test. - More than...
Rite Stuff
Church Publishing Incorporated
Rite Stuff is the Episcopal Church's premiere liturgy planning tool. Main features...
...Database. - Choose between the Revised Common and the 1979...
WinSPWW2 patch
Shrapnel Games
WinSPWW2 is a hex-based tactical war game set in the WWII era from 1930-1946.
WinSPWW2 is a hex-based tactical war game set in the WWII era from 1930-1946.
MagicCookie Monster
Dr. Jon's Software
MagicCookie Monster is a free (Emailware, really) utility that can help you manage your Netscape...
...'s new in this version: Revised registration requirements and documentation.
Catalan Localization for Safari
Enric Plaza
Catalan Localization for Safari allows you to browse the web using Safari, in Catalan. Notice that this localization...
...whole translation has been revised.
Romulan Hunt Cmd
Nitewing '98
The command line only version of Romulan Hunt. Playable in Terminal (or X11)...
...run on Intel Macs.Revised unix man page for...
Apple Pipeline
Pipeline is Apple's new C++ Network framework. It is used in conjunction with the Apple Class Suites framework...
...Pipeline depends on the revised Thread suite found in...
Epson Stylus Photo 960
printer driver What's new in this version: This driver adds CD printing functionality...
...sure to view the revised Printer Basics document (PDF...
Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary
Fogware Publishing
The latest word on the medical terms you need. Merriam-Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary...
...Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary, Revised Edition is an invaluable...
Turtles of the World
Programmed Integration
In cooperation with Smithsonian Institution Press, Prof. Carl H. Ernst and ETI editor Ruud G...
...taxonomy has been completely revised. Different modules within the...
LinkSensor (Mac)
Semantic Engines
LinkSensor semantically analyzes blog posts or articles on-the-fly and highlights key concepts in the text...
...shows up suggesting other articles from the blog ...key concepts of the article, therefore the user...