Remotely Administering

free rating
TeamViewer GmbH
TeamViewer is one of the best multi-platform tools designed for remote computing. This program might prove...
tools designed for remote computing. This program...user can easily remotely connect
Tunes Remote Desktop
free rating
Tunes Remote
Tunes Remote Desktop allows you to control your iPhone or iPad from your Mac. To do this you have to install an app...
both devices. Tunes Remote Desktop can...to control it from a remote location. You can protect
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Univesity of California, Berkeley
The handy BOINCManager application was especially designed to offer you a compact...
also be used to remotely control the BOINC Client
Cloud Management Console
free rating
IASO Backup Technology B.V.
The Web Cloud Management Console functionality allows you to view information about...
backup and restore sessions remotely. The Web Cloud Management
FTP On The Go
Fututime Inc.
FTP On The Go offers a simple and easy way to access an FTP server focused on speed...
and edit server files remotely. It provides
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e-Nanny is an app that allows you to monitor your child's sleep. Parents can also record your voice and run...
voice and run it remotely to child by computer
WebMon for Leopard
Cutedge Private Limited
WebMon helps you configure OS X's built-in web server to support WebDAV, PHP...
to the WebDav folder remotely, securely, and directly
Preseria AS
SlideDog is a powerful presentation tool that seamlessly switches between multimedia presentation files and makes...
media. SlideDog lets you remotely control the presentations
XL Screen Streamer
XL Development
With XL Screen Streamer for Mac you can instantly create desktop streaming sessions and allow others to view what you...
help friends and family remotely. You can
Ripcasting Audio
Sheng Apps
Ripcasting Audio lets you do live broadcast of Mac’s audio and listen...
can use it to remotely...can use it to remotely listen to your music
free rating
ScreenCat is an open-source screen-sharing and remote collaboration application, currently only for Mac OS. You can share your...
screen-sharing and remote collaboration application...mouse and keyboard remotely. Right
free rating Q.I. Software
This is a tool for developers wanting to get a CVS repository up and running...
developers to access it remotely and announce the repository
LoJack for Laptops
rating Absolute Software Corporation
When your computer is stolen, you can feel powerless. But you don't have to...
you the power to remotely locate, lock
free rating Enzo Borri
A set of commands to remotely control Front Row form a Sony Ericsson cellular phone with remote control...
A set of commands to remotely control...cellular phone with remote control capabilities
free rating Vincent Klaiber
Kontroll is a desktop client that helps you control your favorite applications from your iOS devices. Once the program...
can manage your Mac remotely. Kontroll currently supports
webRemote DVD Player
rating DeadEnd Software
This program allows for the control of a Multimedia Machine playing a DVD, from any web browser...
to be able to remotely control (from say
iTunes Wireless Remote Control
rating Sunray TV
Control your Mac iTunes and DVD Player with any mobile phone by sending text messages What's...
version: iTunes Wireless Remote Control extends...can be controlled remotely via text
Absolut Chess
rating Overlans Systems
Absolut Chess (AC) is a funny and complete chess game for all players. It allows battles in computers networks...
), wherein your opponent plays remotely with you
Nessus (OS X)
free rating The Nessus Project
The Nessus Project provides a free, powerful, up-to-date, and easy-to-use remote security scanner...
It is designed to remotely audit a given network...version number of the remote services
Remote Viewer Server
free rating BeLight Software, Ltd
Remote Viewer is a free iOS application that brings the contents of your Macintosh...
X Quick Look technology. Remotely...few file types that Remote Viewer can