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Virtual Speaker
This KEXT (kernel extension) for MacOS 10.2 fixes problems with the handling of sound on the Apple G4 Cube...
...output device, and other random misfortunes). What's new in...
Theta Pi Software
RLPassWeb is a program that generates Natural Language passwords...
...remember than completely random passwords, but ...also offers a random generator for maximum security...
Random Walk Model
John Moncrieff
Random Text Generator
IT Services Inc
Random Passwords
Manfred Karrer
Random Terrain Generator
Benjamin Lee
aMirrorVault Performance
Applied Computer Technology
aMirrorVault Performance is a 64-Bit Snow Leopard Application that performs...
...Test - Single-Threaded Random Read Test - Dual ...Test - Eight-Threaded Random Read Test aMirrorVault...
MacPowerUser Software
MusicMenu is a plugin for MenuStrip that plays audio files. Simply add any standard music audio files...
...can be played at random or by menu selection...
DSI Tempest Random Sound Generator
Konstantin Svetchtarov
DSI Tempest Random Sound Generator is an open source audio editor. This app is very easy...
...want to randomize, choose the randomization strength with ...slider and press Randomize to generate a...
AlphaPlugins DigitalChaos for Mac
New plug-in for Photoshop. That creates random patterns from symbols and digits for use...
...for creation randomly patterns consisted ...handful controls for randomization symbols properties...
Data Generator
The presented application is developed for generation of random text data and is equipped with such functions as saving...
...developed for generation of random text data and is...