StockMarketEye for Mac
TransparenTech LLC
StockMarketEye is an easy to use portfolio tracker and stock watcher that helps you keep an eye on your...
...symbol search. Get free quotes, updated automatically or on...
Stanford CoreNLP
Stanford NLP Group
Stanford CoreNLP provides a set of human language technology tools. It can give the base forms of words...
...entity mentions, get the quotes people said, etc.
ShopKeeper FMP (POS) Point of Sale
P.O.S. Direct
Point of sale and inventory control software. Staying ahead of your competition takes a lot of hard work...
...tracking. Invoicing, orders, and quotes. Purchase orders. Accounts receivable...
Power E*TRADE Pro
Power E*TRADE Pro is an advanced Java-based software trading platform truly compatible with both Mac...
...time stock and options quotes Intra-day and historical...
EZE Productions
WagesX is a personal wage calculator. It was written with the consultant in mind. By entering your...
...a quick summary of your quotes to clients.
WebDNA Developer Edition
WebDNA Software Corporation
WebDNA allows the developer to build a wide range of applications, from basic form-to-email to highly sophisticated...
...such as shipping rate quotes, whether object (Java) driven...
From the developer: "AccomplishmentTracker 2.0 is a small utility that can help you manage your...
...and the SlideShow, more quotes and the SlideShow can...
Stultus Enterprises
Words is a Mac OS X screen saver module. It shows random words, lines...
Words is a Mac OS X screen saver module. It shows random words, lines, or paragraphs from text files...