Property File

File Juicer
Echo One
File Juicer is a Mac utility that helps you extract images and other types of data from your files. The program might...
...content from a PDF file. In the Preference ...for extracting content from files. It's efficient, easy...
Find Any File
Thomas Tempelmann
Find Any File comes as an alternative to using Mac's Spotlight tool for searching files...
...Spotlight tool for searching files on your computer ...filters than most file finders, works fast...
Seagate File Recovery
Seagate Technology LLC
Seagate File Recovery software restores files from hard drive or removable storage devices...
...Scan Technology, Seagate File Recovery Software can locate ...and recover important file types that did...
Duplicate File Finder
This program is exactly what its name implies: a tool that helps you locate duplicated files on your Mac...
...helps you locate duplicated files on your Mac ...or even archive files and permanently delete them...
File List Export
Giorgos Trigonakis
An easy-to-use application that will help you create lists of files for any need...
...want to include the files from all subfolders. Preview ...exporting it to the file. Easily search and...
File Information
FirmShell Ltd.
File Information helps you to view and investigate any type of file...
File Information helps you to ...investigate any type of file. Main features: - Enough choice...
File Properties Editor
File Properties Editor... You want to be able to modify simply, rapidly and efficiently the main properties of your...
...? Then File Properties Editor is what you need! File Properties Editor allows...
Cleaner-The Duplicate File
Cleaner-The Duplicate File is an easy-to-use application that scans your computer in search of duplicate files...
...such as pictures, music files, movies, archives, and ...uncategorized types of files. You can browse...
File Compare
File Compare is a GUI front-end to the md5 Unix command. With this small app you can compare two files...
...you can compare two files and discover whether ...check all types of files: images, music, document...
File Magic
SplashData Inc.
File Magic is a powerful utility for sending valuable information and data from Mac to iPhone and iPod Touch...
...mobile devices. The files on mobile device ...categorized accrding to the file types (music, video...
File Encrypt Lite
yaoyuping Inc
File Encrypt Lite is a maximum strength encryption app. The program includes file encrypt...
File Encrypt Lite is a maximum ...app. The program includes file encrypt and text encrypt...
Duplicate File Doctor
Day 1 Solutions SRL
Duplicate File Doctor is designed to help you identify and remove duplicate files from your...
...specified file extensions. Unfortunately, file category ...In short, Duplicate File Doctor offers a...
File Sequencer
The Skopeo Project
File Sequencer is a utility for animators, effects artists and photographers...
...large groups of files. File Sequencer can quickly ...easily change the way files are named, numbered...
File Name Encoding Repair
Apple Inc.
The Mac OS 9 Finder uses Apple-specific Mac OS character sets (such as MacRoman or MacJapanese) to enter and display file names...
...) to enter and display file names. The Mac OS ...and display file names.The Mac OS X File Name Encoding...
File Rename
File Rename lets you rename a number of files quickly and easily, saving you time and effort...
...rename a number of files quickly and easily ...ready to start renaming files. File Rename displays a...
Easy File Organizer
Dummy Apps
Easy File Organizer allows you to organize your files and folders. Easy File Organizer...
...files and folders. Easy File Organizer features: - Supports to customize file ...number of files and...
Secure File Sharing Web Server
EFS Software
Secure File Sharing Web Server is a Mac file sharing software that allows visitors to upload/download unlimited files...
...upload/download unlimited files easily and securely ...or upload files from theirs. The files on your...
HELIOS File System Test
HELIOS Software GmbH
HELIOS File System Test is a professional tool for network administrators...
...party developers to test file server compatibility. It ...determine if their file server is fully...
FTP Client File
GC Studios
FTP Client File is the simplest cross-platform FTP software. Main features: - Fast transfers for your websites and FTP...
...Remote editing of server files. - Built-in text ...editor. - Directory/File/folder filtering ...
FilePane - file management utility
FilePane provides quick access to a variety of tasks like Image Resize, set Desktop picture, show/copy file size...
...show/copy file size, copy file's path to ...1) Just start dragging File(s), Text or Image across...

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