Private Message

Martin Jahn
iBackup is a program designed to help you back up and restore data on your Mac. Besides allowing you create copies of your...
...create copies of your private documents and folder ...it displays an error message. The plugins would...
Spark by Jive Software
Jive Software
Spark is an open source, cross-platform instant messaging client for businesses and organizations...
...cross-platform instant messaging client for businesses and ...Skype to a private network IM client.
Palringo Instant Messenger
Palringo Ltd
Palringo is the best way to stay connected, socialize and share texts, pics, and walkie-talkie messages with your...
...on-One Have private one-to-one ...group conversations with Palringo Message Packs, Premium Bot...
Healing Voice
XME Inc.
Healing Voice is a collection of the most relaxing Music & Imagery featuring beautiful voices. There are no words...
...words, yet the message is clear. Work ...Arie ⁃♬⁃ "There's Hope" ⁃♬⁃ "Private Party" ⁃♬⁃ "Just For Today...
Shenyang GoldenPack Technic Development Co., Ltd
SelfCloud is an application that lets you have the same photo, music, video, and documents on all...
...will have your own private storage where you ...mechanism that sends share message by SMS, E-Mail...
GudyMail Video Email
GudyMail is an application to perform and send free personal and professional video emails...
...manage your video messages from your smartphone ...com, accessing your private management area...
Create and develop new social profiles or add existing ones. Grow authority for your profiles...
...posting and messaging Comment, retweet, reply, send private messages Choose persona...
File Encrypt
yaoyuping Inc.
File Encrypt is an application that lets you encrypt and, respectively, decrypt confidential files...
...you can keep private information undisclosed to ...will turn the written message into a ciphertext. To...
Secret Delivery
Tractus, LLC
Quickly encrypt, send, and decrypt messages and files! This app is a must have...
...document, or a private picture? Easily password ...to decrypt any messages/files encrypted with...
Napkin - Concise Image Annotation and Communication
Napkin is the ultimate tool for concise visual communication. Painlessly create visual notes and diagrams and share the results...
...you need to keep private. Napkin can even ...with others. Mail, Messages, Twitter and Facebook are...
Kent Sorensen
Snak is an useful application that allows you to hold private business conferences with your clients...
...you to hold private business conferences with ...opportunity to create private rooms for important...
Contacts Journal CRM
zaal LLC
Contacts Journal CRM is a powerful tool that will transform your business and personal relationships...
...app Create Private Contacts and Private Groups to ...iPhone over WiFi), message or email your contacts...
Monitor for Facebook
Jan Dlabal
Monitor for Facebook is a notification tool for your Mac. The app sits in your menu bar and it can display...
...when you receive a new message, when someone posts on ...have access to your private information.
CB Radio Box
Gennaro Coda
This is a great CB Radio emulation that use internet to communicate...
...Base Channel - 70 Private Channels - 10 Language ...Replay last message - Country flags - Nicknames
Absio Dispatch
Absio Corporation
Businesses use email every day to store, distribute, and discuss sensitive information. Now there is an easy...
...encryption of all messages and attached ...automatically secures your private conversations and shared...
MenuApp for Twitter
Alteru Inc.
MenuApp for Twitter is a simple application that allows you to access you Twitter account from your...
...to read and send private messages. This app starts up...
Zenit Polar
Zenit Polar is the definitive application for securing all of your messages in an extremely easy way...
...concept of Recreational Message Scrambling Algorithm ( ...like sending private mails, posting...
PGP Desktop Email
PGP Desktop provides individuals a simple, easy-to-use desktop encryption solution to automatically protect...
...PGP Desktop secures private email, selected file ...in this version: Messaging Improvements have been...
Tiger Envelopes (OS X)
Tiger Privacy
Ordinary e-mail is like sending all your messages on postcards. Anyone can read it...
...mail, but now it's private. You don't change ...steps. The first unprotected message is the last...
DBabble is a powerful instant messaging and discussion / chat server which allows users...
...messaging ...messages and attachments, have private conversations, and create/participate in private...

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