Plugin Control

Feral Interactive Ltd
Spreadsheet plugin control for REALbasic. Grid is the most light weight Grid control in the family of spreadsheet controls...
Spreadsheet plugin control for REALbasic ...specialized spreadsheet controls StyleGrid and CustomGrid...
LogMeIn Plugin
LogMeIn, Inc.
With LogMeIn Plugin the user can access his remote computer. This plugin will allow users to remotely control computers...
...remotely control computers via LogMeIn Free and Pro. Plugin Installation...
Softube Plug-Ins Control (RTAS)
Softube AB
Softube Plug-Ins Control (RTAS) is a simple application that allows you to manage Pro Tools 9 and older plugins...
Softube Plug-Ins Control (RTAS) is a simple ...Tools 9 and older plugins. This application will help...
Einhugur Software
WindowSplitter is a REALbasic plugin control to create split views in forms...
...is a REALbasic plugin control to create split ...forms. The WindowSplitter controls come with two pre...
Portraiture Plugin
Portraiture is a Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture plugin that eliminates the tedious manual...
...Lightroom and Aperture plugin that eliminates the ...productivity. For finer control, you can specify...
Overbridge Control Panel
Overbridge offers an integration of your Elektron Analog hardware into your music software...
...VST2 or Audio Unit plugin formats.
Bukkit & Curse, Inc.
This plugin allows a user to type in a command and place water or lava like...
This plugin allows a user to type ...stopped even after this plugins command is disabled. Also...
VST-AU Little Phatty Editor
The VST AU Little Phatty Editor is an audio plug-in application that provides total control and editing of presets...
...application that provides total control and editing of presets...
Audio To MIDI VST Plugin
It is designed for real-time Audio to MIDI conversion.
...it. Also the plugin recognizes chords and display ...It is possible to control the delay of chord...
Have you ever tried to add interactive music on your website? If you did...
...via Javascript. Jazz-Plugin supports all major ...Plugin can be also used as standalone VBA control...
TimeBase Control Plugin
Alfred N. Van Hoek
This plug-in provides a control that enables you to set and get the timebase when you...
...provides a control that enable ...plugin that relies on QuickTime. As of version 2, TimeBase Control...
ProofPlus - Indesign Plugin
MetaDesign Solutions
Introduction:- ProofPlus possesses the capability to add emailing features to your Adobe InDesign CS Suite...
...to your InDesign documents, control the level of transparency...
Monkeybread REALbasic plugin
Monkeybread Software
The MBS plug-in comprises a collection of several plug-in parts which extend the REALbasic development...
...plugin: Inside the ChartDirector Control project ...based ChartDirector control which implements...
ColoRotate Plugin
With the ColoRotate color picker, you can easily create palettes and manipulate colors in 3D...
...understand color. Slider controls and joysticks give ...you more intuitive controls than Photoshop's...

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