Number Puzzles

Sudoku Daily
free rating
Jason Linhart
Sudoku Daily is an entertaining puzzle game that comes in handy if you're on a break from work...
...is an entertaining puzzle game that comes in ...re a fan of solving number puzzles on your spare time...
Block Blaster - Physics Puzzles
free rating
Wired Developments Pty Ltd
Blast your way through 40 challenging Block Blaster physics puzzles comprised of all different shapes and block types...
...Block Blaster physics puzzles comprised of all ...ground with a set number of throws to complete...
Sudoku 9x9
free rating
Sudoku 9x9 is an exciting puzzle game designed for Mac. Your goal is to fill the grids of a 9x9 board with numbers...
...the game once every number from 1 to 9 appear ...you spend solving the puzzles. Another advantage is...
Kakuro Epic
Kristanix Games
Kakuro Epic lets you solve Kakuro puzzles on your Mac. Kakuro is a great...
...of the puzzle, I had to add numbers that resulted ...complete my first Kakuro puzzle in the easiest...
Montessori Crosswords - Teach and Learn Spelling with Fun Puzzles for Children
Selected by Apple in "Macs in Class" List ! ➜300 word-image-audio combinations classified in 3 levels of phonetic...
...consonants). - Displays the total number of completed words. - Uses...
Amigos Number Puzzles
Amigos Software
Number Fill
Clinton H Weir
Number Fill is a collection of classic number puzzles for your Mac! There are 8 puzzle sizes for you...
...collection of classic number puzzles for your Mac ...a crossword puzzle, but with numbers instead of...
Kids ABC and Counting Jigsaw Puzzles Pre school
free rating
Espace Pty Ltd
Complete jigsaw puzzles of cute cartoon pictures while learning the English alphabet and counting.
...through the letter and number puzzles • no advertising • a great way...
Kids dinosaur puzzles and number games
free rating
Espace Pty Ltd
A variety of educational and fun puzzle style games for Dinosaur lovers that teach young children the alphabet...
...dinosaur puzzles and number game ...number puzzles • no advertising Kids dinosaur puzzles...
Fun With Numbers and Puzzles
Eureka Multimedia Pty Ltd
Fun with Numbers and Puzzles is an interactive underwater adventure where young children aged 2...
Fun with Numbers and Puzzles is an ...exploring. Lively number games and puzzles captivate and teach...
Amigos Software
Amigos Number Puzzles is a great application that allows you to play different number...
Amigos Number Puzzles is a great ...of these puzzles, I'm sure you will enjoy Amigos Number Puzzles.
Evaluating Cross-Number Puzzles
free rating Polymath Love
This is a free program taken on a CD-ROM collection of over 200 mathematics puzzles...
...these visually-oriented puzzle games have a ...particular puzzle, students solve cross-number puzzles by...
Dracosoft Sudoku
rating Dracosoft
Based on the popular Japanese number game, Dracosoft's Sudoku not only includes the "Classic" number...
...includes the "Classic" number-puzzles, but we have ..." mode for amorphic puzzles, and "Chaos" mode...
Amigos Number Puzzles (Mac)
rating Amigos Software
Create an unlimited number of Sudoku, Kakuro, Futoshiki and HexKakuro puzzles with Amigos Number Puzzles...
...HexKakuro puzzles with Amigos Number Puzzles compendium ...help throughout the puzzles. Version 1.0.1...