Monitor Memory

Memory Cleaner
Alice Dev Team
The first Memory Cleaner on the Mac App Store! Click a single button, and your computer will speed up! $9.99 -> $5...
...because it's busy freeing memory. Memory Cleaner is a fast ...or buy more memory. More memory for your...
Memory Clean 2
Memory Clean 2 is the type of program that comes in handy after playing a memory-demanding game or using...
...Monitor. The two sets of values were identical. Hence, Memory ...indeed reclaimed memory and improved...
Hardware Monitor
Marcel Bresink
This Mac utility gives you access to detailed data regarding the current state of your computer...
...and virtual memory, and many others. Hardware Monitor comes with ...if you need to monitor the state of...
EaseUS Software
CleanGenius is a very complete set of system maintenance tools. It consists of both system analysis and system maintenance...
...other included features are a memory scanner that shows how...
ThinkTime Creations LLC
★ Ranked #1 top paid Utilities app in US, UK, Canada, France, Italia, Japan and China ★ 75% off regular price of $3...
...free up memory, especially the inactive memory that ...performance of your memory-hungry applications...
Super Memory Cleaner
In a well designed, beautiful interface, Super Memory Cleaner frees up hundreds of MBs...
...beautiful interface, Super Memory Cleaner frees up ...lets you monitor the current memory usage all...
Memory+ is an application designed to free up memory on your computer and optimize the performance of your...
...and change the way Memory+ operates. In my ...Activity Monitor (Mac's default app for monitoring CPU...
Memory Defrag
This application is a simple utility that lets you defragment the RAM memory of your computer...
...current free memory, the active memory, and the ...whatsoever. In short, Memory Defrag offers a...
Memory Boost
Bloop Software
Memory Boost is a memory cleaner application for Mac OS X. Unlike apps that just remove the inactive memory causing...
...a lot of virtual memory. Memory Boost instead lets the ...compress the inactive memory of other app...
Flush Memory
Paola Petrelli & Giorgio Vinciguerra
Flush Memory is a must-have tool that will free up RAM on your computer. Every time you close an app...
...clean, your free memory will increase ...☆ Monitor your free, active, wired and inactive memory.
Cleaner for Memory
Rocky Sand Studio Ltd.
Cleaner for Memory is a simple application that boosts your computer performance by optimizing the memory usage...
...Furthermore, a memory pressure meter illustrate ...available free memory, memory information in...
Memory Doctor Pro
It's About Time Products, LLC.
Memory Doctor Pro is a memory cleaner for Mac computers. Main features: - Menu bar tab with free memory displayed...
...with free memory displayed. - Auto-clean memory at a ...& clean memory. - Get info on memory usage ...
Memory Optimizer Pro
PCVARK Software Private
Memory Optimizer Pro is a system optimization tool that offers to clean the RAM memory of your...
...Mac. The application monitors the available memory and helps you...
RoboRam Memory Cleaner
D'Urso & Fidotta MacApp
RoboRam Memory Cleaner was designed to offer you a simple and efficient way to improve...
...displayed within Activity Monitor app (the ...for monitoring system activity). RoboRam Memory Cleaner...
StatsWidget is a beautiful system monitor for your Mac. The program offers a compact way to keep...
StatsWidget is a system monitoring tool for your Mac ...eye on your CPU, memory pressure, disk usage...
USB Monitor
Granted Software
USB Monitor helps Mac OS X recognize when new USB devices are plugged into your Mac. Once started USB...
...Once started USB Monitor pops up a statu ...New Version 1.1.1 fixes a memory leak. Requirements PPC...
System Monitor
Savant Systems LLC
System Monitor is an application for the menu bar of Mac OS X, designed to inform you...
...process load, main memory consumption, storage space ...The program monitors your system continuously...
DV Monitor
DV Monitor will save you time, money, and headaches. By Capturing live video directly to your hard drive you will...
...is fresh in your memory. Stop wasting time doing ...Final Cut Pro, DV Monitor Pro eliminates all that...
DV Monitor Pro
Redlightning Software
DV Monitor Pro will save you time, money, and headaches. By Capturing live video directly to your hard drive you will...
...is fresh in your memory. Stop wasting time ...fix the problem. DV Monitor Pro supports Custom Image...
iTunes Monitor
Brendan A. McCarthy
iTunes 4 introduced the ability to share music between computers...
...This utility monitors iTunes to provide ...Bug fixes: fixed memory leaks, improved responsiveness...