Memory Check

Memory Clean
Memory Clean is a Mac tool that helps you boost up the performance of your...
...RAM usage, clean memory, get access to ...options for automatically launching Memory Clean every time...
Memory Diag
free rating
Rocky Sand Studio Ltd.
Memory Diag is a Mac application that helps you optimize the performance of your...
...regarding memory usage, details about the memory ...allows you to check memory usage, disk activity...
Memory Clean 2
Memory Clean 2 is the type of program that comes in handy after playing a memory-demanding game or using...
...I tested the actual memory cleaning feature. The ...utility indeed reclaimed memory and improved the...
Memory Booster - RAM Optimizer
free rating
Fresh Squeezed Apps LLC
This program, as its name clearly states, is a tool that helps you improve the performance of your...
...I preferred to check if it actually offer ...of details. Furthermore, Memory Booster - RAM Optimizer...
Memory Lane - Moving Wallpaper for Evernote
free rating
Kanda Software
This application was designed for Mac users who own an Evernote or Facebook account...
...accounts and wish to check their to-do ...theme. What's more, Memory Lane - Moving Wallpaper for...
Memory Defrag
This application is a simple utility that lets you defragment the RAM memory of your computer...
...current free memory, the active memory, and the ...whatsoever. In short, Memory Defrag offers a...
Cleaner for Memory
free rating
Rocky Sand Studio Ltd.
Cleaner for Memory is a simple application that boosts your computer performance by optimizing the memory usage...
...you want to check the memory in use ...the available free memory, memory information in percentage...
RoboRam Memory Cleaner
free rating
D'Urso & Fidotta MacApp
RoboRam Memory Cleaner was designed to offer you a simple and efficient way to improve...
...check the values for free, inactive, wired, or active memory ...activity). RoboRam Memory Cleaner also...
iStatistica Sensors
free rating
Andrey Tsarkov
iStatistica Sensors is a software program designed to help users monitor their system by providing useful...
...temperature, fan speeds, or memory. Briefly, iStatistica Sensors i ...high usage of CPU memory.
Israa Dorgham
iStatus lets you monitor the overall health of your Mac. With its simple user interface...
...overview of your CPU, memory, disk and network usage...
Memory Optimizer and Booster
Memory Optimizer and Booster is a simple tool to view your free memory in real time...
...you can monitor your memory usage in your menu ...also extract the used memory out of the operating...
Stat Menubar
Stat Menubar is an advanced tool for monitoring your Mac performance in the menu bar...
...resources such as CPU, memory, disk, battery, and ...system details such as memory page statistics and...
free rating
Jerome Scott II
iFreeInactiveMem is an application that frees inactive memory and releases it back to free memory. It does not reduce your...
...that frees inactive memory and releases it ...programs. Reducing free memory to release more inactive...
free rating
Daniel Marjamaki
cppcheck is a static source code analysis tool for C and C++ code...
...The tool can check for memory leaks, mismatching allocation-deallocation...
free rating
Memory-Map is professional navigation software. Main features...
Memory-Map is professional ...routes, tracks, and waypoints. - Check distance, elevation, and area...


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