Load File

Duplicate File Finder
This program is exactly what its name implies: a tool that helps you locate duplicated files on your Mac...
...documents or even archive files and permanently delete them ...consuming to just load the results from...
File Helper
free rating
PCVARK Software Pvt Ltd
File Helper is a program that gives you access to details regarding files and folders on your...
...by importing a PSD file and a folder containing ...What's more, if you load a document, the utility...
Get File Type
free rating
Get File Type is a Mac program designed to offer you information regarding...
...You can also load files by going to the ...info for videos, vCard files, images, etc. Unfortunately...
SWF Lock and Load
Vertical Moon
SWF, Lock & Load is an extremely easy program to create animated Flash Preloaders in seconds...
...to create a single file. - Create "Smart ...bytes loaded, and frames loaded. - Save project files so...
ff_md5drop is a simple application that allows users to drag and drop file(s...
...to drag and drop file(s) to create md5 ...to clipboard> - save/load file lists for quick finding...
Datamate Text Parser
Procypher Corp.
Datamate Text Parser is a powerful yet easy-to-use data extracting text parser which permits the use of input...
...- Save and load file locations. - Save and load webpage URLs. - Save...
DoYourData File Eraser
File Eraser for Mac is a handy file shredder that allows you to permanently delete...
...just need to load the files you wish ...those files. With a straightforward approach, File Eraser...
Open Any File to Checksum
free rating
Ralf Schreiber
Open Any File to Checksum is an easy-to-use application that lets you compute the checksums of any file...
...checksums of any file. All you ...is open the file to checksum ...do is load the desired file, select the...
Show All Files
free rating
This application will allow you to click back and forth between SHOW ALL FILES, and HIDE HIDDEN FILES...
...SHOW ALL FILES, and HIDE HIDDEN FILES. Macintosh ...user. Typically, these files are very important...
Desktop File Manager
free rating
Sibsoft Ltd.
With Desktop File Manager users can upload and manage their files without opening browser...
...be changed. - Automatically load your heading logo ...Upload/Rename/Delete Files. - Copy folder...
Clesh Load
free rating
Forbidden Technologies
CleshLoad is Forbidden's free downloadable software for getting video content into your Clesh account...
...supports: - QuickTime File upload - JPEG File upload - WAV File upload Get...
ImTOO File Rename
ImTOO Software Studio
ImTOO File Rename is an advanced utility that lets you rename your files in many different ways. The first thing...
...start renaming files with this app is load them ...the screen. Once your files are loaded, you will see...
AVCWare Video Converter Platinum
rating AVCWare Studio
AVCWare Video Converter Platinum is the second most complete video converter AVCWare...
...to load it using the "Load file" button ...like that whenever you load a file and select a conversion...
Apple DOS File System
rating kJams
Mount ProDOS, DOS 3.3, Pascal, CP/M for drag and drop exchange with the Finder Mount non...
...Type (or A$/"Load Address") Undelete files, Map disk ...sector order, image file format (can un...


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