Hash Algorithms

Stitch Designer
Sergey Levin
Stitch Designer - build your personal cross stitch designs like a pro.
...color reduction and prediction algorithms provide awesome results on...
CLC RNA Workbench 4
CLC bio A/S
CLC RNA Workbench is a bioinformatics program for advanced RNA sequence...
CLC RNA Workbench is a bioinformatics program for advanced RNA sequence analysis. All analyses are...
ReVibe is a powerful room-modeling plug-in designed to take advantage of the supercharged DSP processing...
...), ReVibe provides nine reverb algorithms combined with over 200...
free rating
Bill Sellers
GaitSym is a forward dynamic modelling program for Mac. It uses the Open Dynamics Engine physics library...
...tools such as genetic algorithms.
free rating
Kitware, Inc.
Tomviz is a cross platform, open source application for the processing, the visualization...
...packaged to accommodate custom algorithms. The Tomviz application is...
rating Melda Production
MMultiBandTransient is an advanced transient processor with simple controls, but powerful features. It is designed to control...
...perfectly transparent crossover algorithms (analog, linear ...methods for algorithmic postprocessing. It...
CP2V Vintage Compressor
rating Mellowmuse
The vintage styled CP2V, is a track and program compressor.
...All compression and saturation algorithms are 4x oversampled, using...
rating Melda Production
MMultiBandHarmonizer is a pitch shifting and multi-voice harmonizing plugin.
...more. With multiple harmonizing algorithms, up to 120 voices...
ValveTone '62
rating TriTone Digital
It is a super-thick classic EQ!
...provide boost and cut algorithms that are both complex...
rating Lexicon Inc
Studio Standard Stereo Reverb/Effects Processor.
...new Room and Hall algorithms, plus an assortment of...
Blue Cat's Widening Parametr'EQ
rating Blue Cat Audio
Blue Cat's Widening Parametr'EQ is a 7 bands parametric Mid-Side equalizer.
...Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ algorithms, enabling you to widen...
Pure DCompressor II
rating Flux Software
Pure DCompressor II allows you to restore the original dynamics of a sound.
...available. New dynamic detection algorithms are available. The MS...
Pure Expander II
rating Flux Software
It allows you to remove unwanted noise or reverberation.
..."Angel's Share" algorithm developed by FLUX:: ...New dynamic detection algorithms are available. The...
rating Image Line Software BVBA
It gives you total control over 16 physically modeled drum pads.
...'electronic'. Drumaxx uses modeling algorithms to create bass drums...
rating WWAYM
NWRCFil is an easy to use classic lowpass filter VST effect from WWAYM.
...2-pole and 4-pole filter algorithms developed by WWAYM. The...
rating GSi Genuine Soundware and Instruments
ShakePad is a virtual multi-effect unit intended for real time sound manipulation via an X/Y pad.
...different high quality effect algorithms with full stereo operation...
rating LinPlug Virtual Instruments
The RM IV is a flexible and easy-to-use drum machine.
...includes 10 percussion synthesis algorithms, as well as a fully...
rating KResearch
KR-Imager STR is a superb quality stereo image enhancer audio plug-in.
...of user selectable algorithms. The KR-Imager ...imaging. Foremost, the algorithmic sweep method, whereas...
rating Ohm Force Software
Mobilohm is an advanced multi-phaser effect that lets you create unbelievably...
...with a BP filter 3 phasing algorithms Pre filtering. Option to...
MR Noise
rating Wave Arts
MR Noise is an easy to use, great sounding noise reduction processor.
...with existing noise reduction algorithms. MR Noise combines the...