Folder Info

Any File Info
wu zhiqiang - etinysoft
Any File Info is a professional tool to view and browse files’ information. It supports multiple types...
Any File Info is a ...videos. Any File Info enables you to ...With Any File Info, you can browse...
Secret Folder
Secret Folder is a Mac utility designed to help you conceal directories...
...drop your personal folders over the program' ...imported 2 folders and, according to the info from the...
Open Any Files
Open Any Files is a Mac utility designed to help you preview various types of files on your computer...
...songs from your local folders. Unfortunately, doesn't offer you...
File-Info is a program designed for Mac provides you with a list of characteristics for any document you select...
...with Finder's Get Info option. The application ...need to access detailed info regarding your files...
File Helper
PCVARK Software Pvt Ltd
File Helper is a program that gives you access to details regarding files and folders on your...
...access to the detailed info you need. I tested ...a PSD file and a folder containing music files. The...
Disk Space Pro
Abacus Industries Inc.
Disk Space Pro is designed to help you retrieve disk drive information...
...home folders, and custom folders. Thi ...folder-related information with Quick Look and Get Info...
Super Get Info
Bare Bones Software
Note: While Super Get Info has been discontinued, it is still available to download for users that already hold a license...
...file or folder - Change a file or folder's creation and ...) a file or folder's path info and more!.
iClean Folder Icons
Tom X
Deletes custom icons that were pasted on your folders via the 'Get Info' window.
...pasted on your folders via the 'Get Info' window. It ...Simply drag and drop folders on top of this...
Alexander Stengel
Drag any file, or folder, or webadress,... on any map and they get linked...
Drag any file, or folder, or webadre...on ...file/folder/website will open. Use layer, color, info...
ToolBar Extras
Mosaic Interactive
ToolBar Extras is a set of apps that adds a little more functionality to your...
...to your home folder - Info.app - open ...Quickly toggle a file/folders visibility/invisibility ...
File Info Editor
Jan Weiß
File Info Editor is a simple viewer and editor for the additional information of files and folders. The most interesting...
File Info Editor is a simple viewer ...information of files and folders. The most interesting things...
Tomoyuki Okawa
FolderInfoX allows the user to reposition and resize any number of folder windows...
...dimensions of a particular folder window, use Info and just drag...
Code 66
iFlush compiled Applescript fixes something that I think is broken in the Mac OS X Finder. There is no Refresh button...
...Refresh button to refresh folder info and files on a mounted...
[info]Batcher Classic
Iceblink Software
[info]Batcher is an essential, time saving tool for any mac professional...
...apply the changes to folders inside folders to infinite depth ...to all registered [info]Batcher users.