Focus Effect

Photo Panorama Pro
Software UT
Photo Panorama Pro can stitch panorama photos, both vertically and horizontally. With this application...
Photo Panorama Pro can stitch panorama photos, both vertically and horizontally. With this...
7thShare Mac Any Blu-ray Ripper
7thShare Studio
7thShare Mac Any Blu-ray Ripper is designed to help you rip and convert...
...you can apply a 3D effect, crop the displayed image...
Filter Room
MB Modernios Aplikacijos
Filter Room takes advantage of the latest Mac technologies, giving you speedy...
...enhancement with dazzling special effects. With this tool ...to create wonderful effect stacks. You can...
Video Converter Ultimate for Mac
Apeaksoft Studio
Apeaksoft Video Converter Ultimate for Mac helps convert videos including 4K videos to formats...
...you could edit video effects. And the powerful ...and adjust the video effect. 3. Support various...
Filmage Screen
Filmage Pro Team
Filmage Screen is a professional and complete video toolbox for capturing screen, recording audio...
...voiceover and dynamic subtitle effect, highly customizable Edit video...
Lil Poly-Ana
Admiral Quality
It is an analog model polyphonic synthesizer preset player.
...instrument-only, without the effect version of the plug...
Melda Production
MMultiBandHarmonizer is a pitch shifting and multi-voice harmonizing plugin.
...the most versatile harmonizing effect on the market.
Tube Delay
Softube AB
Tube Delay is a marriage between analog and digital.
...of a digital delay. The effect is perfect for fattening...
Blue Cat's Widening Liny EQ
Blue Cat Audio
Based on Blue Cat's Liny EQ technology, it is a 9 bands linear phase Mid/Side...
...its spectrum accurately. The effect also works on mono...
Artillery II
Sugar Bytes
Effects are assigned to keyzones and can be triggered with MIDI notes.
...as simple as effective: Effects are assigned ...provides 28 innovative effects and unlimited creative...
Jurek Raben
UltraPhazer is a multi oscillated phaser VST plugin for Windows and OSX hosts.
...also a very subtile phazer effect can be generated with...
Bram de Jong
It is a phaser plug-in.
...both configurable. enhanced stereo effect. pre-phaser distort or...
LFX-1310 is a Free plug-in multi-effector including 24 types of algorithm and 3 serial slots.
...stand-alone version of Effecting Module of Ravity(S) & ...realizes the very effect you have on...
Pure Limiter II
Flux Software
It generates a release envelope producing no artifacts on the processed sound.
...use it as a special effect, Pure Limiter should be...
SPL TwinTube
Sound Performance Lab
It combines the two artifacts that can be produced with tubes: harmonics and saturation effects.
...: harmonics and saturation effects. Our programmers did ...processing Tube saturation effects can be...
Beat Production Machine
...envelopes, drive/distortion, aux effect sends, and pitch controls...
Image Line Software BVBA
It gives you total control over 16 physically modeled drum pads.
...outputs for external effects processing. Great ...or similar 1-dimensional effects. When a single drum...
Strings Dream Synthesizer
It reproduces the infinite array of rich, analog pads from the string machines.
...The fundamental "Ensemble" effect (like the vintage ...range of "chorus" effects. String Dream is easy...
The Sound Guy Inc
ReSpatializer is an advanced panning, surround sound and spatialization plugin.
...host tempo, low-frequency effect (LFE) tools for monitoring...
Music Unfolding
GyroVibe is the first of the Twister Series, a new line of Audio Unit effects from Music...
...line of Audio Unit effects from Music Unfolding ...a classic vibrato chorus effect with a wide range...

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