Find File Info

Data Guardian
Koingo Software, Inc. & Josh Hoggan
Data Guardian is a Mac utility that comes in handy to anyone who needs to store email account info...
...to store email account info, phone numbers, and ...and simple way to find the collection item you...
Open Any Files
Open Any Files is a Mac utility designed to help you preview various types of files on your computer...
...information about the loaded files, such as size ...I imported an EPUB file and the program showed...
Hex Viewer Pro
CokeSoft Inc.
Hex Viewer Pro is a tool that helps you view any type of file’s hex content and hash values...
...any type of file’s hex content and ...file: file owner, group owner, file size, file creation...
Norbert M. Doerner
MP3-Info is a simple Mac application that was designed to help you easily get detailed...
...After launching MP3-Info, you will be ...Info will display detailed information about the audio file...
xhead software, llc
A great way to store all the little bits and pieces of information you need to remember. Whether it be passwords...
...expenses, or just notes, info.xhead can do it ...can secure your information, find it when you need...
Orange Card
Alf Watt
Orange Card is a simple application that provides information about things you drop on or paste into the program...
...paste into the program. File, URLs, and anything on ...about various types of files.
Invisor QuickLook
Max Pozdeev
Invisor QuickLook is a simple application that helps you with information about your...
...your video and audio files. The tool supports various...
GPX Editor
Modesitt Software
GPX Editor can edit GPX files exported from many GPS devices and other apps. Features Open, edit and save multiple GPX...
...tracks, track points, and file info. View a chart of ...routes, tracks and file info and paste to a...
File Courier
Zevrix Solutions
File Courier delivers files and folders to remote and local destinations with automatic e...
...info specified in powerful variable templates. Key features: - Deliver files ...Me file for more info.
VideoScan is a file analysis tool that displays detailed information about multimedia...
...information about multimedia files. The information ...covering all your file documentation needs. The...
X Font Info
VoJou Software
X Font Info is a simple font utility for Mac OS X. The application displays the content of any Mac OS X Font file...
X Font Info is a simple ...Mac OS X Font file. Therefore, you have ...glance if the Font file you picked up...
Disable Get Info Comment
Adobe Systems
The Disable Get Info Comment Plug-in allows you to disable writing text to the Comment field of the Get Info dialog...
...handle files which have comments in the Get Info information...
MXF Info Analyzer
Hamburg Pro Media
MXF Info Analyzer is an application that allows you to analyze MXF files. The analyzer takes advantage of the fully documented...
...you to analyze MXF files. The analyzer take ...the content owner. MXF Info shows a detailed depictive...
Document View
Document View allows you to view any info of your document in hex or text. Main features...
...you to view any info of your document ...you view unlimited files. - Document Info gives hash digests...
MediaArea Team
MediaInfo is a convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files...
...for video and audio files. Main features: ...many video and audio file formats. - View information...
GPS-Info CMM is a Contextual Menu Module designed for Mac OS X. It displays the GPS...
...GPS coordinates of a photo file, and allows you to ...debug, and improve GPS-Info so much easier. Stay...
[info]Batcher Classic
Iceblink Software
[info]Batcher is an essential, time saving tool for any mac professional...
...attributes of single files, all the files contained in a ...to all registered [info]Batcher users.

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