File Type

Bulk File Merger
Essex Redevelopment
Bulk File Merger... Stop cutting and pasting! Do you have hundreds or thousands of Excel (xls)...
...ppt, or csv files. Files can be generated on ...one master file. Merging occurs for each file type ...
Cleaner-The Duplicate File
Cleaner-The Duplicate File is an easy-to-use application that scans your computer in search of duplicate files...
...filter the results by file type, such as picture ...sort the results by file type is the program's...
Get File Type
Get File Type is a Mac program designed to offer you information regarding...
Get File Type is a Mac program designed ...it comes to identifying file types on your computer. Even...
Type And Creator Changer
AlphaOmega Software
Type And Creator Changer allows you to change the type and creator of any file manually or like...
...change the type and creator of any file manually or...
File View Pro
Nikolai Alekseyeva
With File View Pro you can investigate any file to view the following information: Basic file information such as...
...as: file size, file type, file created, file...
Data File Converter
U-Mebius Inc.
From CSV or TSV you should prepare a source file whose first row consists of column titles. Each column title of the source...
...to the selected file type while maintaining the ...structure. A plist file which contains a "DATE"...
Change Screen Capture Type
MacTechnologies Consulting
The default screen capture type in Tiger is png. This AppleScript application lets you...
The default screen capture type in Tiger is png...
Send Anywhere (File Transfer)
Send Anywhere is a cross-platform file sharing service which allows users to easily share digital content...
...send as many files, of any file type and size, a ...send as many files, of any file...
Set File Type
Apple Inc.
File Viewer Pro
Canyua Software Co., Ltd.
File Viewer Pro allows you to view any file info and edit the file in hex or text. You can drag and drop any files...
...last modification date, file size, file type, and file system size. The...
File Type Jig
File Type Checker
Apple DOS File System
Mount ProDOS, DOS 3.3, Pascal, CP/M for drag and drop exchange with the Finder Mount non...
...File Type and Aux Type (or A$/"Load Address") Undelete files ...sector order, image file format (can un...
Fix Type
Spiny Software
Fix Type is a contextual menu module that allows you to automatically associate...
...automatically associate files with file name extension ...equivalent Internet Config file type. This is...
File Viewer Express
Accessory Software
File Viewer is an multi purpose Disk/File Management Program with functions...
...selecting files by file type or combinations of file types. Create...

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