Event Date

Martin Stemmle
Countdowns is a simple Mac utility created for users who need to know how much time is left until...
...need, delete the completed events, and edit entries if ...order to extend the date limit when setting up...
Event Reminder
David Hanauer
Event Reminder is a simple application that allows you to organize important events by urgency...
...you to organize important events by urgency. The ...will see the date of the event to remember, the...
Event Gadget Workshop
Generate Event Gadgets for Google Calendars all in one easy app! An event gadget is a small icon or "gadget" in your Google...
...creating an entire event that takes up space ...each date you'd like a gadget to appear. Event Gadget...
Timestamp Converter
Keynetech Inc.
A timestamp represents the time and date at which an event was recorded by a computer. For instance...
...the time and date at which an event was recorded ...about the time and date when a certain file within...
Max Gribov
WaitingList provides you with beautiful countdown timers for your Mac. This simple and convenient app helps you...
...countdown timers to any events that are important ...until the event. The closer is the event date the...
Photo Date Changer
With Photo Date Changer: • you can set the EXIF timestamp of JPEG, CR2...
...to cover the same event, this problem will ...formats. FILE CREATION DATE SYNCHRONIZATION FOR RAW AND...
Week Event
Lomya Software
Week Event will display the current week number in the System status bar. When the week number...
...all your iCal events from today's date until the last...
Event Taps Testbench
Bill Cheeseman
Event Taps Testbench is a free utility for software developers. You can use it to explore what your applications...
...can configure how the event taps respond to ...and by posting additional events before and after the...
Event Maker
Event Maker is designed to be a streamlined way of taking e-mails from Apple's Mail application and creating iCal calendar...
...and creating iCal calendar events from them. In ...or other thoughts on Event Maker, then please...
Apple Event
Provides the means to watch the next Apple Event live in your Mac OS X Dashboard...
...watch the next Apple Event live in your Mac ...tile for the next event and additional links to...
Multi Event Filter
John Maisey
Multi Event Filter allows you to transfer events from text into OSX's Calendar application...
...Multi Event Filter can process events from ...spreadsheets, anywhere else events are listed). You...
Big Event Reminder
Scott Yu
Big Event Reminder is an assistant which will make sure you do not miss any more important events. It will remind you...
...remind you of important events prominently on your ...things. It's an event reminder, an alarm clock...
Event Center
Hold compelling live or on-demand online events with up to 3,000 attendees...
...include unlimited online events, integrated voice ...files at online events for analysts, journalists...
Primatte Event for Aperture
Digital Anarchy
Primatte Event is the perfect choice for photographers who work in high volume or live environments, and often process...
...can use Primatte Event seamlessly in a live ...Tether panel. Primatte Event will automatically remove...

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