Encrypted Message

Controller Editor
Native Instruments
With Controller Editor, you can precisely define which MIDI message has to be sent upon any action...
...precisely define which MIDI message has to be sent...


Tencent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
QQ connects you to over 600 million Chinese QQ members and many of your...
QQ connects you to over 600 million Chinese QQ members and many of your favorite websites and useful...
SMS Sender
SMS sender for Mac, when used in conjunction with SMS client for iPhone [N.B. link will open in iTunes]...
...iPhone - sending messages to an individual ...csv file - creating message templates - history of...
LiSA the speaking email assistant
To use LiSA assign relationships with your contacts such as brother, boss, lover and so on. LiSA understands replies...
...can announce all incoming messages or only those where...
Mail Detective
Stefan Keller
Mail Detective helps you decide if that email in your inbox is valid or scam by trying to trace the geographic origin...
...Simply drag an email message from your mail client ...- the city this message was sent from. If...
Twitter Scripter
David Blishen
Send Tweets, direct message and much more using AppleScript! Twitter Scripter is an agent that provides simplified access...
Send Tweets, direct message and much more ...send Tweets and direct message, search Twitter, retrieve...
PostSmuggle is an app that allows you to protect your messages from prying eyes. With this app you can create text...
...you to protect your messages from prying eyes. With ...you can create text messages and send them fast...
GyazMail is an e-mail client that is developed from scratch to be a simple, easy-to-use e...
...filters - Template for outgoing messages - Message queueing - POP3/IMAP/SMTP...
Eudora Mailbox Cleaner
Andreas Amann
This program is a simple drag'n'drop application which provides easy one-step migration for your...
...all these conversions, message status flags are ...(only for incoming messages when importing from...
Photo Effects #7 - Text
Digital Thought Software
Turn any picture in to a work of art and a message. Also, work with your computer's built-in camera. Perfect for taking...
...a work of art and a message. Also, work with your...


MD provides message digests for files in six common algorithms: MD2, MD5, MDC2, RIPEMD-160, SHA, and SHA-1...
...MD constructs all six message digests at once ...meaning you don't run a message digest on a file to...
Emoji Box Free
Xiong Inc.
Emoji Box Free is a simple app that helps you send an emoji message within seconds. It's a great way to make your words less...
...you send an emoji message within seconds. It's a great...
Everbrite Display Editor
Everbrite, LLC.
Everbrite Display Editor is a free to use application for configuration of messages displayed...
...application for configuration of messages displayed on the ...you can setup eight messages in the same...
Phu Nguyen Anh
EmailsToThings is an open source Mac OSX Apple script and helper application for converting Outlook...
...Outlook and Mail.app's messages to Things' tasks. When ...time selects the latest message, but in some...
Super MSG
Tomoyuki Okawa
Super MSG is a Mac desktop application that lets you create one Mail message that can...
...you create one Mail message that can be sent ...would like to send a message.
iChat Script Collection
AppleScripts to manipulate iChat and iTunes. Features of the included scripts...
...Set iChat status message to iTunes song information ...time in status message similar to iPod disaply...
Eudora to SpamCop
The Apotek
Eudora to Spamcop will quickly report spam to SpamCop from within Eudora...
...properly formatted spamreport message in your outbox ...of multiple selected messages at one invocation...
MailFollowUp Mail Plugin
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
MailFollowUp Mail Plugin adds a "Follow Up" item to the Message and contextual menus...
...appeared in the original message. What's new in ...on some or all messages in conversations. FIXED:...
AppleShare IP Mail Update
The AppleShare IP Mail 6.2.1 Update is a release that resolves a single issue...
...or the intended message recipient. AppleShare IP ...will now correctly accept messages with a "empty"...
BlueDays Software
Display quotes and messages from all over the world. And if you want to participate in this experience...
...and submit your inspirational message, a quote, a love ...informed when you message will be visible...

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