Encrypt Files

Files United
Zuhanden GmbH 2014
Files United allows you to transfer files from your Mac to your iPad or iPhone...
...Simple drag & drop of files to your iOS device ...transfer of even large files. - Enjoy your digital...
Open Any Files
Open Any Files is a Mac utility designed to help you preview various types of files on your computer...
...information about the loaded files, such as size ...I imported an EPUB file and the program showed...
HandleFiles: Cut Copy and Delete your files
Enrico De Michele
Finder, Mac's default file explorer, doesn't provide you with a Cut option (move a file or folder...
...Trash and undo any file or directory location ...click the Attach Selected Files To Mail button from...
Art Files
Code Line
Art Files is a stand-alone application that takes the tedious task of collecting Illustrator documents...
...documents only once. Art Files is perfect for archiving ...who works with graphics files and needs the...
Hidden Files
Hidden Files reveals normally hidden files or folders directly in Finder. You can also mark your own selected files...
...mark your own selected files, folders or application ...can also make hidden files visible to Finder...
File Finder Lite - sort&find files
*****Please check FULL version for more useful features, including deleting files, browse thumbnail, double click to open...
...out all hidden files and locked files. 7. Support ...content of package file and bundle file. 8. MAC...
Zip Files 4 PC
Zip Mac Files for PC allows users to create PC-friendly zip files. Are you a Mac user, and do you regularly...
...about the .DS_Store file and __Mac_OSX folder ...program will create zip files (archives) that PC...
Big Files Finder
Everton Postay Cunha
Features: * Search for Big Files with size filter * Search for duplicated files with size filter Do you...
...: * Search for Big Files with size filter * Search ...for duplicated files is based in file sizes, there...
Show All Hidden Files
Vedant Nevetia and PJALM
Show All Hidden Files is a simple GUI application to show or hide hidden files on Mac OS X. This is a free open...
Show All Hidden Files is a simple GUI ...show or hide hidden files on Mac OS X ...show or hide files.
Trash Locked Files
Robin Landsbert
Trash Locked Files was designed in order to delete many locked files...
...to delete many locked files from the trash without ...it to unlock all files within a folder you...
Bundle Files
Have you ever been faced with the task of moving files (or folders) from several locations...
...with a variety of file management features, including ...also distribute a single file or folder (or...
New Files
CokeSoft Inc.
New Files offers a simple way to create new files quickly. You just need to click...
...new files instantly. The newly-created file i ...the newly-created file automatically by selecting...
Helper for GoPro Files
Marvin Wagner
Helper for GoPro Files allows you to optimize your GoPro files. Main features...
...to optimize your GoPro files. Main features: ...lrv and *.thm file. - Mark first file of a record...
Manage hidden files for Alfred 2
This application allows you to manage hidden files for Alfred 2...
...you to manage hidden files for Alfred 2. Main ...Simply show/hide hidden files on OS X - View the...
Yong Chen
Secret-Files-Pro is a tool which helps you to protect your private files and folders. With it you can hide files and folders...
...to protect your private files and folders. With ...Protect both folders and files from being accessed...
Hidden Files Toggle
Zandor Smith
Hidden Files Toggle is a free-to-use application for Mac OS X that simply adds and toggle switch into your menu...
Hidden Files Toggle is a free-to...
Hide My Files
Aravindhan Parasuram
Do you want to hide the folders and files from the prying eyes...
...methods for hiding the files. The programmers and ...of security try encryption applications.
Show All Files
This application will allow you to click back and forth between SHOW ALL FILES, and HIDE HIDDEN FILES...
...SHOW ALL FILES, and HIDE HIDDEN FILES. Macintosh ...user. Typically, these files are very important...
Files Remover - ZZ
Tan Wei
Files Remover - ZZ is a simple application that allows you to delete multiple files...
Files Remover - ZZ is a simple ...you to delete multiple files with the same name...
Replace In Files
Araxis Replace In Files helps you find and replace text quickly, even across thousands...
...to particular file types. ‣ Process files with different ...Araxis Replace In Files, please contact...

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