Email Widget

Adobe Widget Browser
Adobe Systems Inc.
The Adobe Widget Browser is an Adobe AIR application that lets you preview and configure widgets using a visual interface...
...and configure widgets using a visual interface. The Widget Browser solves...
Countdown widget
Countdown widget is a timekeeper always on the bottom of your computer desktop(NOT affect your job), that tell you exactly...
...Go for it, Countdown widget will be a good ...application, Please sent email to cocoadevsc@gmail.com...
Smart Widget Installer
Tired of Dashboard closing your open widgets whenever you install a new version of widget?...
...closing your open widgets whenever you install ...new version of widget? Smart Widget Installer is the...
LEO Widget
T. Stoffels
This Widget provides quick access to the popular dict.leo.org translation service. This widget will...
...translation service. This widget will only work ...you have a compatible widget engine installed. Once...
Fetchnotes Widget
With Fetchnotes Widget you can store your notes in a cloud. With this program you can...
...by relevant tag. Fetchnotes Widget features: - easy to organize ...add notes via SMS, email and voice
Dash Clipping Widget
Graham Parks
Dash Clipping is a simple application that has the ability to turn any part...
...an automatically-refreshed Dashboard widget with just a few clicks...
Widget Center
Opera Software
The Widget Center is propably the best Widget. Features include...
...etc...new Widget checking - minimized form - in-widget widget description and...
Widget Emulator
The Widget Emulator is a tool enabling you to see how your widget is likely to appear on a small monitor...
...The emulator runs your widget in a sandbox and ...enough, the Widget Emulator is a widget itself. It...
UBC Botany Photo of the Day Widget
Do-Boy Software
This simple widget displays a thumbnail of UBC's Botany Photo of the Day with an excerpt...
...default web browser. The widget can be found in ...and click the widget’s icon in the Widget Bar to...
Slideshow Widget
Slideshow Widget is a Dashboard widget that displays a series of images that can be presentated as a presentation along...
...(control click) the widget and select "Show package ...back side of the widget would be appreciated...
The Slurps Mail Widget
With The Slurps Mail Widget, the user can send an electronic postcard and associate...
...The Slurps Mail Widget, the user can ...use email widget. Role: Programmed and designed widget Tools:...
LiveCargo Mac Widget
This elegant widget allows you to send files up to 100mb for free. With the LiveCargo...
...With the LiveCargo widget sending very large file ...recipient will receive an email with a link that...
Figlet Widget
FIGlet is a program for making large letters out of ordinary text. It has been around since 1991...
...Widget based on it. Figlets are often used in email...
Mac Help Widget
Mid Atlantic Consulting
Mac Help Widget uses PHONE, CHAT (ichat, adium, etc) or EMAIL (Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, etc)...
...support emails (5 min or less) through the widget are always...
ITVNW Widget
ITV is a half-hour daily television series that will be airing in the Pacific Northwest on the FOX affiliates...
...iPod, and through our widget. Featuring regional art ...the ITV Widget update list. We will email you...

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