Download Sounds

Nord Sound Manager
Clavia DMI AB
The Nord Sound Manager is the application that allows you to organize the various memory areas...
...also used to download the sounds and/or program ...various methods to download the sounds to the unit...
UVIWorkstation will allow any music enthusiast interested in composing music to easily add UVI sounds...
...find what you need, download it and will be ...added to the UVIWorkstation sounds library. You can...
Relax Melodies Premium
Relax Melodies Premium is now available for your Mac with 8 new exclusive sounds! ★ BEST SLEEP AID WITH 102...
...slowly. ──────────────────── ☆ 96 AMBIENT SOUNDS ☆ ♬ River Ocean ♬ Wind ...THE WORLD Download it now...
Urban Apps
Ambiance is an "environment enhancer" designed to help you create the perfect...
...Sounds Only download the sounds you want. With more sounds ...needed After downloading your...
Relax Melodies Seasons Premium
•• New App from our Relaxation Suite •• •• Over 7 millions users now!!! •• The ultimate relaxing app for a stressless...
...! - 12 additional ambient sounds SPECIAL CHRISTMAS. - 6 ...Relaxation - 10Hz Download it now and get...
Natural Worlds
Gerry Beggs
Natural Worlds is a simple application which allows you to play nature sounds through your Mac...
...eliminate repetition, environment sounds can be grouped together ...so only one sound within each group...
Spelling 1-2
School Zone Publishing
A G-R-E-A-T app to help good spellers become great spellers and struggling spellers succeed...
...they play. Download this app ...sounds - Long vowel sounds - Short vowel sounds - Combination sounds...
Rapture LE
Combining power, elegance, control and unbeatable sounds - Rapture is one of the most exciting synthesizers...
...control and unbeatable sounds - Rapture is one ...the modern synthesized sounds igniting today's pop...
Chris Jeffs
Particularity is an open source program for generating sounds and visuals...
...source program for generating sounds and visuals. Particularity is...
XV-2020 Editor (OSX)
Roland Corporation
XV-2020 Editor - Expandable XV Sounds for Your Computer or Studio. XV-2020 Editor (OSX)...
...2020 Editor - Expandable XV Sounds for Your Computer or ...with 64MB of XV sounds and USB port - 64...
Space PingPong
RetroReaction Games
Space PingPong is a simple but enjoyable game played by two players, in which they need to hit the ball with a paddle...
...and look rather old, sounds are average, and there...
Sound Librarian
Tristan Cartledge
Sound Librarian - search tool to find any of the sounds stored online, or browse through the complete...
...find any of the sounds stored online, or browse ...listing of all the sounds available just to get...
PolyPhontics MIDI File Utilities
Sonic Amigos
If you like to download MIDI files from the web and import them into GarageBand or Logic...
...SoundFont (SF2) and Downloadable Sounds (DLS) sound banks. The PolyPhontics MIDI...
Baby Banger
Paul Suh
Baby Banger fills the screen with a large white window where randoms sounds and shapes are displayed for young...
...white window where randoms sounds and shapes are ...is included in the download. Requirements PPC, Mac...
Tegrity Download Manager
Apple Express Modem Sound Update
If you are using an Express Modem in an LC 630 and wish to have the modem sounds play through your computers speaker...
...modem sounds play through your computers speaker, download ...hear your modem sounds directly from the...
Interactive Video Plugin
Kaltura is the developer of the first open-source video platform. This new release adds full interactive...
...videos, photos, and sounds. Using the simple editor ...first release on CNET Download.com. What's new...
MacOS Classic Sound Pack
Steven Jay Cohen
Step-by-Step File Conversion for MacOS Classic Sounds (will work for most sounds...
...work for most sounds, but not all) 1. Download SoundApp PPC...