Delete Specific Item

Disk App
It's About Time Products, LLC.
Disk App is an app that cleans up space in your hard drive. It creates gigabytes...
delete an item or a folder, add excluded items in Preferences. Excluded items...not be deleted
Disk Graph
Nicolas Kick
DiskGraph helps you optimize the use of the available storage capacity. The tool supports scanning and presenting disk...
you can search for a specific item from the built-in...you can easily move a specific
Status Item Checker
free rating
Schliep GmbH
Status Item Checker is a tool for developers to test and compare status items. With this app, you're able to compare up...
can simply drag a status item image to field 1...1 item, you can delete the other status items
PreviewFuture Software
EasySplash is a straightforward app that lets users to manipulate photo colors in every possible...
white but with one specific item in color. EasySplash...viewers’ attention to any item on a photo
Devstorm Apps
Dsync can compare the contents of two directories and synchronize them if you think...
the synchronization of a specific item would take place...let the app delete
AweEraser is intended for securely erasing different types of probably sensitive data from your system...
help you not only delete specific...terms of how many items you can erase
Smart Trash
Hyperbolic Software
Smart Trash is intended to help you manage the contents of your trash bin more efficiently...
is using Smart Delete, which...emptying Trash or deleting an item. Regrettably
Icecream PDF Split & Merge
Icecream Apps
Icecream PDF Split & Merge has a very descriptive name. As you have probably inferred, it can help you extract...
more, you can simply delete specific pages. In merge
Disk Care 2
It's About Time Products, LLC.
Disk Care 2 is a disk space saving application for your Mac. It optimizes folders...
make sure you never delete an item or a folder ...Preferences with the excluded items
InerziaThings Lite
free rating
InerziaThings Lite helps you keep an inventory of whatever you own, buy or sell. It does so by creating libraries...
go and find that specific item in the database...as duplicating or deleting the selected things
App Delete
Reggie Ashworth
App Delete lets you uninstall applications and all their associated files from your...
item and drop it onto the App Delete’s...App Delete becomes the compulsory way to remove items
Automator Multi-Item Processing Utility
Automated Workflows, LLC
Automator Multi-Item Processing Utility leverages the power of Automator workflows: When they are built to process...
The Automator Multi-Item Processing Utility provides...Automator Multi-Item Processing
LoL Item Customizer
free rating
Lol mac team
This application provides an easy way to change recommended items for any champ. LoL Item Customizer is a program...
default Recommended Items for each champion. Recommended Items display
Delete without Trash
free rating
Blazingtools Software
Delete without Trash adds a missing feature to Mac OS X - the ability to delete a file or folder without placing...
the ability to delete...application adds "Delete" and "Delete as Administrator"
Active Page Item Developer
Rorohiko Workflow Resources
Active Page Item Developer helps rapid software development for InDesign – it allows software developers to create...
Active Page Item Developer helps...(JavaScript). Active Page Item Developer resolves the shortcomings
Item Informant
free rating Steve Warren
Item Informant allows you to add comments to a file that is listed in the Extension Manager's "show item info" window.
Item...the Extension Manager's "show item info"
Delete Files Now
free rating Poppybank Software
Delete Files Now is a plug-in for the Contextual Menu Manager in Mac OS 8. When you control...
Delete File Now or Delete Selection Now menu item...this item to immediately delete
Archive Toolbox
rating Two Southpaws
Archive Toolbox is a FileMaker Pro plug-in that enables users to create and expand...
an existing archive, delete an item/folder...and extract any item from an existing archive
Kudos Chat Search for Skype
free rating Kudos Knowledge
Kudos Chat Search for Skype provides immediate access to any chat conversation you...
into CSV format. Delete specific Skype chat...with a specific person or a specific group