Copy Text

- OCRTOOLS can recognize the image files or clipboard images converts the text...
...technology. - iTunes can not copy text from the description, it...
Copy'em Paste
Hoi Chang
Copy'em Paste is a handy tool that stores the information you copied from various sources to your clipboard, so that you can...
...can be copied. Namely, you can store text input ...features, Copy'em Paste makes copying and pasting...
Word Count Icon
Jiulong Zhao
Word Count Icon is an elegant dock icon that performs word counts...
...Globally triggered whenever you copy text from any other app ...are using the copy menu or hotkey...
copybin for OSX desktop offers a new way to communicate with the iPhone or iPad app. You can drag and drop...
...For example, if you copy text or images from any ...the text or image will be send and copied to...
PDF Restriction Remover
eBook Converter
PDF Restriction Remover is tool to remove restrictions of any secure PDF document. It instantly removes owner guard protection...
...print, edit, and copy their secure PDF file ...print protected PDF files, copy text on clipboard, edit...
Tension Software
DB-Text is a general use tool to open and edit data in text format on OS X...
...a native DB-Text document DB-Text is a must ...click inside the document Copy of CSV (comma separated...
CopyCopy Ltd.
CopyCopy is a clipboard manager created for Mac. The application is simple to use, comes with a comprehensive tutorial...
...as soon as you copy text content or image ...file size, and copy date. Another important advantage...
SayIt - Text to Speech Utility
Colm McMullan
SayIt is the ultimate text to speech utility! SayIt provides a simple and fun way to have text read aloud to you...
...Preferences - save spoken text to an audio file ...easy copy and paste of any text including from...
Interact Scratchpad
Agile Tortoise, Inc.
Interact Scratchpad helps you create rich, complete contact records from plain text. You can copy text from e...
...records from plain text. You can copy text from e-mail ...type or paste in text snippets of contact...
This application helps you copy and paste anything across multiple computers and mobile phones. It allows users...
...limiting yourself to text based content ...previously copied items categorized properly in Text...
ESL Text Generator
Esclepius Software LLC.
ESL Text Generator is a simple utility to generate placeholder text (sometimes called "blind text", "template...
...paragraphs that ESL Text Generator produces, and copy it to...
Folder Text Labeler
NiteOwl Software
Folder Text Labeler is a Shareware icon utility tool that can be used to composite text on top of Mac OS X...
...icon and foreground text rotational slider ...Text" into one button. Added audio feedback to "Copy...
TalkAide for Skype
Nowadays there is no problem with getting the copy of typed texts. Why not receive...
...the copy of typed texts. Why not receive the copy of...
Files Drag & Drop
Thomas Coulange and Kevin Renella
This application provides a simpler file transfer between your devices and your...
...files, folders, link or text.
Text Editor
Impact Financials, Inc.
Limited Time Sale Price: $9.99 (Save $140.00 off the regular price of $149.99) Text Editor is an easy...
...Edit multiple plain text and rich text (RTF) document ...Cut, copy, and paste text between any opened...
Label Printer Pro copy
Create professional results with incredible ease. Easy to use software is perfect...
...Add images and formatted text to your favorite Avery ...images. • Curved text for CD/DVD labels...
Breast Imaging Reporting Tool
Katiba® Breast Imaging Reporting Tool is an interactive educational app...
...Password security option to copy text, images or other ...lines, colors and text 12. instant sharing...
screen-scraper professional edition Uninstaller
ekiwi, LLC
screen-scraper is a tool for extracting data from websites...
...websites. screen-scraper automates: - Copying text from a web page - Clicking...
Typist copy
Takeshi Ogihara
Typist is a typing tutor, which helps you in learning touch typing. If you have never taken any lessons...
Typist is a typing tutor, which helps you in learning touch typing. If you have never taken any...
Jazz Styled Text
Jazz Media
This FileMaker Pro plugin allows styled text to be transferred (via copy and paste)...
...allows styled text to be transferred (via copy and paste...

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