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Nike+ Connect
Nike+ Connect allows allows your Nike+ device and nikeplus.com to communicate to each other through your computer...
...computer with the Nike Connect software installed, any ...uploaded through Nike Connect to your Nike...
TI Connect
Randall Brown
TI Connect software is the new-generation link software, which takes TI calculator technology to a new level of calculator...
...computer and Internet connectivity. Downloading and ...TI calculator. TI Connect software is a...
Headnix Connect
Setting up Numbric with Headnix Connect. Launch Headnix Connect in your computer. The setup wizard pops up...
...with Headnix Connect. Launch Headnix Connect in your ...Allow option. Headnix Connect requires access to...
Joypad Connect
Joypad Inc.
Joypad turns your iPhone into a game controller for Mac and PC. Start the game and Joypad on your iPhone...
...the two devices to connect. WiFi or Bluetooth ...games require you to connect from the settings screen...
AT&T Connect Mobile
AT&T Services
Join an AT&T Connect web or audio conference using your iOS Device! With AT&T Connect on the iOS device you can...
...iOS Device! With AT&T Connect on the iOS device ...in the world. AT&T Connect is a scalable desktop /...
Jump Desktop Connect
PhaseFive Systems LLC.
Jump Desktop Connect is a desktop application that provides users...
...up, Jump Desktop Connect is a reliable software ...that manages to connect computers from distant...
Air Connect
Avatron Software
Air Connect is the software-as-a-service platform that backs the Air Login app. At the heart of Air Connect is a sophisticated...
...Compute Cloud). Air Connect is also a subscription ...FastSpring. Air Connect requires at minimum...
Screens Connect
Edovia Inc.
Screens Connect is a free service that allows you to connect to your Mac easily while you're away...
...in Sydney. Install Screens Connect on your Mac, create ...about it. Screens Connect takes care of the...
Maide Connect
Maide Inc.
Maide Connect - you can connect your iPad to Google SketchUp or Rhino. Using free Maide Connect...
...Using free Maide Connect desktop software, you ...or Rhino. This connection is authenticated and...
Myo Connect
Thalmic Labs Inc.
Myo Connect allows you to connect your Myo devices with your Mac. Connect the USB Bluetooth adapter to your...
...with your Mac. Connect the USB Bluetooth adapter ...must allow the Myo Connect application to run...
Redis Desktop Manager
Igor Malinovskiy
Redis Desktop Manager is a cross-platform open source Redis DB management tool...
...allows you to connect simultaneously to multiple Redis databases or...
Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store...
Redis is an open source (...
Desktop Connect
By Antecea Inc.
Desktop Connect now for your MAC. Instantly connect to any computer from anywhere in the world...
...• Easy Connect allows a SINGLE CLICK CONNECT to your ...visit our Easy Connect product page where it...

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