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DPS App Builder
Adobe Systems Inc.
DPS App Builder (previously called Viewer Builder) lets you build a custom viewer app that you can...
...Market. The DPS App Builder is currently available ...and subscription viewer apps. You cannot create...
App Factory
Immersive Applications
App Factory is a utility designed for Mac users who wish to easily turn scripts into full programs...
...will immediately generate the app you need. The ...application. Also, the app preserved the quality of...
App.Cat is an app that automatically creates glamorous marketing apps for brands, celebrities, and businesses with one goal...
...creates glamorous marketing apps for brand ...and revenue. App.Cat apps are shared directly...
App Studio Factory
Quark Software Inc
Quark App Studio Factory is a Mac OS software application provided with QuarkXPress 9...
...of app creation. When you launch App Studio ...Factory, select the app template...
Mac App Blocker
Knewsense, LLC
Mac App Blocker is a utility that might come in handy if you share your computer with other users...
...installing and launching Mac App Blocker on your ...All in all, Mac App Blocker is a great solution...
App for Dropbox
Stahl Technologies
This program comes as an alternative to using the default methods (with the help of your default browser, of the official...
...of the default Finder app) to access your ...the utility in question. App for Dropbox's page was...
AV for Windows 8 App Dev - Introduction To App Dev
This utility was designed to provide you with information regarding app development on Windows 8...
...with information regarding app development on Window ...Windows 8 App Dev - Introduction To App Dev...
App Deal Whale
Bitfall Kft.
This Menu Bar application gives you access to the latest deals from Mac App Store. You can sort the special offers according...
...of your "watchlisted" apps gets discounted. Unfortunately ...window). Briefly, App Deal Whale is...
App Fixer
App Fixer is a utility that enables you to repair programs which...
...working properly and App Fixer will locate the ...when importing tools. App Fixer can be used...
App Bar
Raj Kumar Shaw
App Bar is a really simple application launcher for your Mac. It is a free tool that lets you quickly...
...first launched the app, all my apps were ready. You ...you can't control App Bar with your keyboard...
App Delete
Reggie Ashworth
App Delete lets you uninstall applications and all their associated files from your...
...of deleting applications, App Delete lets you do ...monitor Trash so that App Delete becomes the...
App Game Kit 2 Demo
The Game Creators Ltd
App Game Kit is an easy and instant game development engine...
App Game Kit is an ...to code, compile and then export apps to each platform...

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